Meet Leigh, our Community Volunteer

Sustrans volunteer Leigh with two colleagues

Leigh (pictured in the centre) encouraged two of his colleagues to commute to work by bike

Leigh is a Sustrans Community Volunteer in North London. He’s been volunteering with Sustrans for three years, organising rides and sending out information to encourage his colleagues and friends to travel in a more environmentally friendly and active way.

As Community Volunteer, Leigh has organised a whole host of activities to inspire and motivate people in his local community to travel actively.

As well as providing travel advice to friends and colleagues, Leigh leads rides to help build local people’s confidence with cycling and to show them the safest, easiest routes to enjoy.

Volunteering with Sustrans has been such a rewarding experience. I've made many new friends, gained new skills and made a meaningful contribution to Sustrans’ work. I take great pride in being a Sustrans volunteer.

- Leigh, Community Volunteer

Leigh has also carried out lots of route maintenance activities along the National Cycle Network in London. Some of these include planting trees along the route and taking part in regular path clearing workdays – sprucing up the routes to make them safer and more accessible for local people. 

Through his volunteering, Leigh feels like he is really making a difference to those in his community. “It's a very satisfying experience knowing that the trees we were planting would be enjoyed by visitors to Hadley Wood for many years to come”.

As well as making lots of new friends and giving Leigh the opportunity to give back to his community, he's has also learned lots of new skills:

“For me personally, volunteering for Sustrans has been an incredibly enjoyable experience and has helped me to develop my skills in a number of areas. I don’t think I would be in my job today as a cycling officer for the council, had it not been for all the volunteering opportunities and support Sustrans has given me.”

Whether it’s helping at a stall to spread the word about Sustrans, improving the appearance of a school with planters at the gates, or helping someone overcome their barriers to cycling, Leigh’s hard work has made a huge difference to the community in North London.

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