Published: 20th APRIL 2021

Volunteer bumblebee monitors, Scotland

Are you passionate about the National Cycle Network and about the future health of bumblebees? We are looking for volunteers to do the BeeWalk survey on traffic-free sections of the National Cycle Network, and contribute data to Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

  • Role: National Cycle Network
  • Location: Scotland
  • Time commitment: One our per month
  • Type: Volunteer role
  • Closing date: Ongoing
  • Reference: 19042021

BeeWalk is a national recording scheme run by Bumblebee Conservation Trust using volunteers to monitor the abundance of bumblebees across the UK. Sustrans has formed a partnership with Bumblebee Conservation Trust to encourage volunteers to do BeeWalk surveys on traffic-free sections of National Cycle Network, which act as green corridors.

Why become a Sustrans volunteer?

You will register with BeeWalk but also have the opportunity to be added to the Sustrans mailing list for volunteering on the National Cycle Network in Scotland. This will allow you to hear about future local opportunities. 

What does a volunteer BeeWalker do?

Volunteers identify and count the bumblebees they see on an hour’s walk each month from March to October. It can be a very pleasant way to spend an hour or two on a sunny day. You will input your sightings to the BeeWalk website each month - these go to Bumblebee Conservation Trust to allow them to detect early warning signs of population declines, and Sustrans can also use them to help us understand what wildlife is using the National Cycle Network.

Not sure where the Network routes are in your area? Use our online map to find out.

What we're looking for

  • Self-motivated individuals to carry out tasks independently once directed.
  • Committed to wildlife and sustainable travel.

Time commitment

Flexible - from one hour a month.

Training and support offered

  • An initial online training session with Bumblebee Conservation Trust on 6 May.
  • Link up with bee buddies in your area.
  • Regular communications to keep you in touch with National Cycle Network volunteering.

Sustrans and Bumblebee conservation trust is holding an online session to introduce new people to doing a BeeWalk on the National Cycle Network.

You can register for this event on Eventbrite.


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Equality, diversity and inclusion at Sustrans

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