The Cargo Bike Library

User loading cargo bike with a box
User riding a cargo bike

Connection to your customers. Convenience for your business. 

This exciting project aims to introduce electric cargo bikes onto the streets of Scotland’s towns and cities. They are a great way to move goods and services around town in an affordable, efficient and sustainable way. This helps reduce congestion and gives businesses more time and energy to engage with their customers.

Borrow a Cargo Bike for free in Edinburgh

We have a range of electric cargo bikes to make it easier for your business to move goods and equipment through Edinburgh. Cargo bikes are a great way to reduce emissions while saving you time and money - and getting your business noticed!

The electric cargo bikes can carry loads up to 130kg and have been specifically chosen for Edinburgh’s winding and sometimes steep streets. The electric assist makes it easier to move your goods around and up hills. They also have wide tyres which allow for a smoother ride around tram tracks and cobbles. 

Who is the Cargo Bike Library for?

Any small business, community organisation or charity in Edinburgh can borrow a bike from us. You do not need to be a seasoned cyclist to use a cargo bike. We provide training to help you feel confident and comfortable with handling and manoeuvring the cargo bikes in traffic.

What does the Cargo Bike Library offer?

  • Information and advice about logistical advantages and types of cargo bikes
  • Free training in the use of cargo bikes for your workforce
  • Free trials of different types of cargo bikes so you can find one that meets your business needs
  • Flexible borrowing periods to suit your organisation
  • The option to temporarily brand the bikes with your logo and get noticed

See our FAQs sheet for more information or get in touch: [email protected] or 0131 346 1384.