Photo shows broadcaster Angellica Bell with pupils from St Richard Reynolds School at the start of Big Pedal

It was great to have the support of TV and radio broadcaster, Angellica Bell, at the launch of this year's Big Pedal with pupils from St Richard Reynolds School in Richmond.

Angellica Bell with pupils from Wormholt Primary School in west London

Angellica Bell was at Wormholt Primary School in west London for this year's Big Pedal as thousands of children walked, cycled or scooted to school.

Children enjoying the freedom of playing in the traffic-free street outside their school

We loved seeing children and parents at St Richard Reynolds school, Richmond, enjoying the freedom to play, cycle, walk and scoot on their traffic-free school street for the Big Pedal.

It’s been a fantastic Big Pedal year with a record-breaking number of schools taking part in our annual challenge. It was great to see so many families ditching the car and getting to schools under...
29 May 2019
a cyclist a dog walker and a horse rider all enjoying the trans peninne trail

In 2015, Sustrans supporters voted for the trail as their favourite long distance route on the National Cycle Network. Credit: Steve Tipton/Sustrans

The UK’s first long distance cycling, walking and horse riding route is celebrating its 30th birthday with a series of events. The coast to coast trail runs from Southport to Hornsea, with many...
24 May 2019
Sustrans volunteers and staff stand next to the dam they built

The dams will help to attract wildlife such as birds, bats and insects

Sustrans volunteers helping to build the dam

The team built the dams from logs removed from another greenway and mud from the surrounding wetland.

Our volunteers and local team have built three new dams on the Spen Valley Greenway to help attract frogs, birds, bats, insects, and wildflowers. The team built the dams, which are up to 18 foot wide...
22 May 2019
people with bikes decorated as boats arrive at the National Boat Museum

The annual festival celebrates Ellesmere Port's rich heritage of bicycles and boats, and revives the bike carnivals of the 1900s

The popular ‘Bikes and Boats’ Festival inspired by Ellesmere Port’s bike carnivals of the 1900s, will be back on Sunday 26 May for the third year running. The fun-packed day, which is organised by us...
16 May 2019
map of propsed cycle routes on Isle of Man

The Active Travel Investment Plan shows the priority routes to help increase walking and cycling in the target area of Douglas and its surroundings

a man talking at the launch event in Douglas, Isle of Man

The plan focuses on a 2.5-mile radius of Douglas town centre with around 35% of the island’s population.

The Isle of Man Government has launched an Active Travel Investment Plan, developed by us, to highlight priority routes for cycling and walking. We were commissioned by the Isle of Man Government as...
16 May 2019