National Cycle Network

Two boys unlocking their bikes from covered bike parking

We installed cycle parking at a school in Bristol and encouraged more pupils to travel by bike

bike racks with lots of bikes locked up

Well used cycle parking at Herne Hill station in London demonstrates there is a clear need for bike storage at transport hubs

children unlocking their bikes

As part of the 'Links to Schools' initative, we worked with partners to improve routes and cycle parking at schools in the UK

Cycle parking on the street

Adequate cycle parking is vital for people to start cycling

Secure, well located cycle parking is essential if people are to be encouraged to cycle as a means of transport. By indicating to the public that cyclists are welcome, cycle parking facilities...
29 April 2013
People discussing plans around a table

We can offer advice to help you better understand the planning process

We consider the assembly of land to create the right route the most important task in the development of traffic free routes. Sometimes this takes many years of negotiation. In all we have concluded...
18 November 2015
Sustrans volunteers

Over 4,000 Sustrans volunteers give up their time to help maintain the National Cycle Network

A network or route that is kept in good condition will be more useful, attractive and popular than one allowed to deteriorate. Maintenance can sometimes seem like an afterthought compared to the...
13 March 2013
New developments

Sustrans works with partners to ensure new residential developments create continuous and coherent routes for non-motorised transport

All new developments, whether residential, business, industrial, health, leisure or education related will generate travel. New developments and regeneration schemes offer an opportunity to provide...
17 November 2015
man in a hat on a cycle path near Plymouth train station

We worked with partners to improve access to Plymouth train station.

With peak-time traffic congestion seriously affecting the time-reliability of road journeys there is a growing recognition of the vital role that rail plays in boosting economic growth and in solving...
13 March 2013
Community engagement

Sustrans can help you design a public engagement programme to effectively consult communities on your plans

Network planning is critical to help ensure that routes and facilities are coherent and provide for the travel patterns in the area, including target growth in cycling and planned changes in land use...
16 November 2015
Cycle sign

Destinations and distances should be included on signs at frequent locations along a route.

Good signage is an essential part of any cycle route and great care must be taken when considering their design and placement. They must provide clear, reliable information and at the same time must...
18 November 2015

The Pont-y-Werin bridge connected Penarth to Cardiff Bay, ensuring a continuous cycling and walking route between the two communities

Sustrans has extensive experience of designing bridges and other structures including boardwalks, underpasses, tunnels, ramps and subways. Bridges and retaining structures, no matter how small, are...
17 November 2015
Junction of a quiet road in Sidmouth

We designed a two directional designated cycle route at a junction of a quiet road in Sidmouth

Junctions and crossings for pedestrians and cyclists should provide convenient and comfortable connections with minimal delays. Junctions and crossings are an opportunity to provide accessibility and...
13 March 2013
People on bikes on traffic free path

Traffic free routes should deliver high standards of all of the five cyclist requirements: coherence, directness, safety, comfort and attractiveness

A traffic free route is one exclusively for cyclists and pedestrians (and in some cases horse riders) away from the road. It may either segregate cyclists from pedestrians or have them share the same...
13 March 2013