National Cycle Network

A photo of a bicycle outside of Down the Hatch, a vegan restaurant in Liverpool

Down the Hatch is right along National Route 56 and serves top notch vegan grub

A photo of vegan wraps from the Jumping Bean - a vegan restaurant in Durham

Grab yourself some tasty vegan food at the Jumping Bean - just off National Route 14

A photo of a  Tibits restaurant front, with stools and bar for eating at

Southwark is home to Tibits, a great vegan-friendly restaurant selling fresh food every day

'Veganuary' may only roll around once a year, but you can still get yourself down to a vegan foodie spot for some delicious grub. We've put together a list of Sustrans staff recommended vegan-...
21 December 2018
Two volunteers in a canoe passing refuse with a litter-picker to a volunteer on the shore of the Union Canal, Edinburgh during a Paddle Pickup

Community volunteers taking part in a Paddle Pickup on the Union Canal, National Cycle Network Route 75

Landscape with autumnal trees showing an on-road stretch of National Cycle Network Route 78 in Crinan

Crinan, National Cycle Network Route 78

The Network Action Grant Fund, funded by Transport Scotland and delivered by Sustrans Scotland, seeks to empower communities in implementing improvements which make journeys on the National Cycle...
29 January 2019
Photo of two men sharing a tandem cycle, one wearing blue fleece and helmet, one wearing red fleece with no helmet

Joe and Gareth enjoying a trip on their tandem

Photo of two men sharing a tandem cycle, one wearing blue fleece and helmet, one wearing red fleece with no helmet

Joe and Gareth enjoying a trip on their tandem

Gareth is a retired teacher and now works as Joe’s carer. Joe has Down syndrome and autism and going out cycling is one of his favourite things to do. For the past three years the pair have ridden a...
17 December 2018
Man in blue t-shirt and shorts and woman in red t-shirt and jeans walking on shared used path with dog. Grass and buildings on either side and cyclist following up the path behind

Walkers on the Comber Greenway, a path that runs through East Belfast

Two women walking on waterside shared use path, man and woman walking further up the path. Sail-like structure on the right side of the path

Walkers on the Cardiff Barrage, part of the Cardiff Bay Trail

The city is often thought of as the domain of motorised vehicles. But many of the National Cycle Network routes passing through the UK’s urban areas provide ample opportunity for interesting and...
13 December 2018
Men and women on bikes outdoors wearing high vis clothing in the rain

Sustrans South East Volunteer of the Year Sheila Fox

A senior lady holds up an award and is congratulated by men and women.

Sustrans Volunteer of the Year 2018, Sheila Fox, is presented with her award by Sustrans England South Director, James Cleeton.

Sheila Fox has lots to celebrate this festive season because she was recently announced as the Sustrans South East Volunteer of the Year 2018. A retired pre-school manager from Southampton, Sheila's...
10 December 2018
Three men in suits stand in front of a banner for a launch event

Xavier Brice, James Cleeton and Matt Rodda at the England South launch of the National Cycle Network review

For the first time the National Cycle Network has been audited across the South of England providing a snapshot of the whole of the Network in the South of England. The review revealed that the main...
30 November 2018
graphic of UK map with locations of projects highlighted
roundabout and car

National Route 76 Manor Powis Roundabout, near Stirling, Scotland

Sustrans kick-starts major overhaul of the Network with new projects to open up walking and cycling to everyone, including children, wheelchair users and the less physically active. At least 55 new...
30 November 2018
Photo of a man applying linseed oil to metal bridge

Dave and Max applied linseed oil to four metallic bridges in Derbyshire

Photo of coins coated in linseed oil during a test against accelerated corrosion

The linseed oil also helped to protect the metal in the accelerated climate chamber

Photo of a metallic bridge

Sustrans owns over 800 bridges and structures along the National Cycle Network, including several historic metallic bridges

A natural oil used for hundreds of years by blacksmiths to protect swords and other metalwork from corrosion could replace toxic paints when maintaining historic metal bridges, a new study has found...
28 November 2018