A cargo bike loaded up with boxes from the sustrans london office move

Office move by cargo bike with Pedal Me

Sustrans staff loading the cargo bike with a printer

We even moved the printer by cargo bike!

We have moved our London offices across the capital from Farringdon to Tower Hamlets by electric cargo bikes, in an exciting step for us as we focus on our 2019 goals, including an overhaul of the...
8 May 2019
Two cyclists riding together along a busy road in a cycle path alongside a van

The ULEZ is a vital step in tackling traffic pollution, but ultimately we need fewer vehicles, not just cleaner ones

On 8th April, a new charge for the most polluting vehicles in central London will come into force. In response to London’s appalling air quality, the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will charge diesel...
3 April 2019
Our London office is delighted to announce the appointment of our new Head of Built Environment. Giulio Ferrini, MEng, starts his new role on 1 April 2019. As Head of Built Environment, Giulio will...
1 April 2019
Shortland station as it is

The area around Shortlands Station as it currently is.

Shortlands station visualisation

Visualisation of Shortlands Station (Courtesy of the London Borough of Bromley).

Shortlands war memorial as is

Shortlands war memorial as it currently is.

Shortlands war memorial visualisation

Visualisation of Shortlands war memorial (Courtesy of the London Borough of Bromley).

In partnership with Bromley, we’ve secured a multi-million-pound funding package from TfL’s Liveable Neighbourhoods funding stream for the outer London borough’s Shortlands, Ravensbourne and Bromley...
5 March 2019
Photo of older man on a bicycle on Quietway 2 in Dalgarno Gardens, west London. There is a female pedestrian crossing street in the background

Freeing up our roads and making them safer for everyone makes environmental and economic sense

Photo of 2. Young woman on a bike riding on Quietway 2 on Westway, west London
Photo of young man on a bike in the foreground on Quietway 7 in Shepherd’s Bush, west London
We are proud to have published our latest London review. 'Our work in London 2019: Streets ahead' shows just some of the progress we've made to help transform the capital, working with London...
14 January 2019