school children cycling & scooting on a path

The path is a a shining example of how to encourage residents to choose more active forms of travel over cars

people walking on a path at sunset
glow in the dark path at night

The glow in the dark surface is an alternative to more traditional lighting so that the path can be used at night

A pioneering new ‘glow in the dark’ path installed in Bridgend forms part of a network connecting homes, schools and local businesses. The 300 metre path, which runs through the Woodlands playing...
12 July 2018
Dutch school children cycle to school

More than 25% of all trips are cycled in the Netherlands

Why We Cycle title

Dutch documentary film explores the impact of cycle-friendly cities

A Dutch documentary "Why We Cycle" will premiere in London on 18 July, a year after it was first screened at Velo-city 2017, a global conference on cycling and urban mobility. The film features...
11 July 2018
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11 July 2018
Cyclist on a protected path

Photo: Livia Lazar ©2017

Commenting on the launch of the UK’s first National Infrastructure Assessment, undertaken by the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC), Tim Burns, Senior Policy & Partnerships Advisor at...
10 July 2018
Mother and two daughters on a cargo-bike

Lindsay Berresford has never owned a car and doesn’t ever plan to

Lindsay Berresford has always lived a pedal-based life. She’s never owned a car and doesn’t plan to. But when told she was expecting twins, Lindsay knew she would need to rethink her two-wheeled...
5 July 2018
Father and two children ride a cargo bike

If you would like to use your bike for more than just getting yourself around, a cargo bike may be the answer

Mother cycles two children in a cargo bike

As with many types of bicycle, cargo bikes are a very popular alternative to cars in the cities and countries that we associate with great cycling habits

Father poses with child in cargo-bike
Here at Sustrans we love bicycles of all shapes and sizes! There are so many different types available, which make all sorts of journeys possible. If you regularly ride a bicycle you may have...
4 July 2018
Car behind cyclist in bus lane

Image showing restrictions for a vehicle trying to pass a cyclist in bus lane in Belfast

Did you know the recommended safe distance when passing a cyclist on the road is 1.5 metres? Motor vehicles passing cyclists too closely can be intimidating and very dangerous, which puts less...
4 July 2018