Clare and friend Gary on the traffic-free towpath of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

Electric bikes are on the rise - you only have to look around our towns and cities to see that - but despite their growing popularity there are still some misconceptions, myths and even snobbery...
1 September 2017
people cycling on national cycle network

National Cycle Network Route 75, Caledonia Way, is also part of the National Cycle and Walking Network

A new report on Scotland’s National Walking and Cycling Network shows that 78% of users believe that the network of paths helps them increase their physical activity. Over half (52%) stated that the...
30 August 2017
Sylvia with her bike in the countryside

Sylvia hopes to still be cycling when she is 90

Sylvia started cycling regularly when she was 70, and has never looked back. From keeping fit, to enjoying nature and making new friends, she explains why cycling helps her feel a million dollars....
7 August 2017
Gordon and colleagues getting ready for a bike ride

Gordon encourages his fellow colleagues to cycle to work and get active

Gordon and his colleagues stop for a break after a bike ride in Maryhill Locks

Gordon also runs lunchtime social bike rides to help colleagues feel confident cycling

Gordon Stewart is a workplace volunteer in Glasgow, encouraging and inspiring his colleagues to walk, jog, and cycle to and from work.  I started working with NHS National Services Scotland three...
7 August 2017
Photo of man by a wall posing on his bicycle wearing cycling lycra and helmet

Cycling helped Toby to lose weight, get fit and gain the confidence to try new things

Toby on a country route

Riding to work you'll see new things every day

Toby cycling to work and feeling healthier and happier

The idea of taking on just part of my 10 mile commute was daunting

We know that cycling to work can be quicker, healthier and cheaper than commuting by car, but sometimes we need an extra bit of encouragement to give it a go. Toby Field spoke to us in 2015 about how...
7 August 2017
The Filling Station Cafe in Tintern on a bright day

There are plenty of cafés and tea gardens to choose from along the National Cycle Network

Cyclists sit outside of a cafe enjoying a meal on a sunny day

Is there anything more lovely than relaxing in a tea garden, sharing a cream tea and watching the world go by?

Is there anything more lovely than relaxing in a tea garden, sharing a cream tea and watching the world go by? On a sunny day, having a cake destination in mind is surely the perfect incentive to get...
2 August 2017
Dennis riding on Quietway 2

“The most important thing Sustrans does is not looking after the likes of me but its work around creating safer routes to school”.

Dennis has been cycling since the age of 15, for over half a century. In addition to giving him freedom, friendships and adventure, cycling was also how he met his wife.    When you first start...
31 July 2017