Mother and two daughters on a cargo bike

Lindsay Berresford has never owned a car and doesn’t ever plan to

Lindsay Berresford has always lived a pedal-based life. She’s never owned a car and doesn’t plan to. But when told she was expecting twins, Lindsay knew she would need to rethink her two-wheeled...
5 July 2018
Team accept Scottish Transport Award

Sustrans Scotland's Workplaces team at the Scottish Transport Awards

Sustrans have been recognised for their work in encouraging people to travel more actively to work at the Scottish Transport Awards, after its national Scottish Workplace Journey Challenge was...
15 June 2018
three women in front of Station south cafe in construction

Pauline Johnston (left) with Station South co-directors Mark Jermyn and Abigail Pound

Our new Bike Life report found that 73% of women in seven major UK cities don’t ride a bike, with 30% saying they would like to start cycling. Pauline Johnston is a freelance public relations and...
12 June 2018
Children on scooters on a pavement

Using the pavement is fine as long as you are considerate and scoot in a way that will not frighten or inconvenience other pavement users

Children scoot along path

Scooting past the stationary traffic with your family in tow could be the best way to start your day

Child holds folded Micro Scooter

It is of upmost importance that your scooter is safe to ride. Before using a scooter, make sure it’s safe by using the ‘L’ check

The school journey can be a demanding time of the day with plenty of hurdles to overcome; there are children to organise, school bags to find, traffic jams to suffer through. In a survey undertaken...
19 April 2018
Banking with Triodos Bank UK
Rob Donovan

Triodos customer Rob Donovan discusses why he banks with Triodos

As a Sustrans supporter, we know you care about protecting people and the planet. Like many people you probably already make the conscious choice to ride your bike and travel by foot more and use...
5 April 2018
The Mayor of Lincoln gets a closer view of the mosaics

The Mayor of Lincoln gets a closer view of the mosaics

One of the mosaics created by local children which is now on display

One of the mosaics created by local children

We've been working with school children in Lincoln to bring customers a new addition to their local shops! Twelve mosaics designed by local school children are now on permanent display around the...
9 March 2018