community meeting people standing talking in the street

Get together with your neighbours to discuss what you would like to change about your street

street planter and artwork

Street planters provide a green space with seating and the wall art adds colour and vibrancy

children playing hopscotch

Children enjoying playing hopscotch drawn with chalk on the pavement. Image credit: J Bewley/Sustrans.

Every street has the potential to be a place with greenery, clean air and priority given to people, enabling them to use the space as a community and travel actively. We have put together a list of...
12 July 2018
Two cyclists pose with bikes

Dundee City Development Committee Convener Lynne Short and Deputy Convener Mark Flynn celebrate Dundee’s Northern Links project being shortlisted for the competition.

A total of 10 ambitious active travel proposals from eight local authorities have been successful in the first phase of judging of Sustrans Scotland’s Community Links PLUS (CLPLUS) competition 2018....
9 July 2018
Cyclist by John Lennon mural in Bristol
20mph road sign in Bristol street

20mph speed limits are up for review in Bristol

Bristol City Council is currently reviewing 20mph limits in Bristol – and you can have your say. A review of 20mph speed limits is currently underway to assess how well it is working in communities...
26 June 2018
chicanes on the Chester Greenway path

The chicanes are designed so that people can slow down and freewheel round without getting off their bikes

chicanes on the Chester Greenway path

The chicanes are accessible to all users, including wheelchairs, buggies, adaptable bicycles and horses.

Chicanes on the Chester Greenway. Why have these been installed? Over the last year, there have been accidents on the Chester Greenway where people cycling have collided with pedestrians, including...
25 May 2018
hedgehog wooden sculpture

Hedgehog created by Consett-based chainsaw artist Tommy Craggs

owl wooden sculpture

Owl sculpted from felled willow tree on the C2C path at Charnwood, County Durham

owl and hare carved out of wood

Could you help us name the carvings?

An award-winning chainsaw artist has transformed the remains of a large tree into a wildlife-themed artwork on our popular Sea to Sea (C2C) cycle route in Stanley, Co. Durham. We commissioned the...
24 May 2018
people cycling on Tarka Trail traffic free route in Devon

Traffic-free family cycling on the Tarka Trail in Devon. Image credit: J Bewley/photojB

two women cycling towards Greenwich with Canary Wharf in background- National Route 4

Cycling towards Greenwich with Canary Wharf in the background, National Route 4. Image credit: J Bewley/Sustrans

people cycling on Caledonia Way traffic free route, Scotland

Spectacular scenery of the West Coast of Scotland on the Caledonia Way. Image credit: Sustrans

Adapted bike with view over Loch, Glen Ogle, National Route 7

Magnificent view over Loch, Glen Ogle, National Route 7. Image credit: Mike Thomas/Sustrans

People commuting, walking and cycling sharing the traffic free greenways, Meadows, Edinburgh, NCN 75.

People commuting, walking and cycling, sharing the traffic-free greenway, Meadows, Edinburgh, NCN 75. Image credit: Chandra Prasad/Sustrans

The National Cycle Network (NCN) will undergo a major review of its walking and cycling routes to ensure they meet the highest design standards and offer the best experience to the millions of...
23 May 2018
Local residents at Rufforth cycle path, York opening ceremony
Local residents at Rufforth cycle path, York opening ceremony cutting the ribbon

Mrs Hilda Atkinson cut the ribbon to open Rufforth's new cycle and walking path

Local residents at Rufforth cycle path, York opening ceremony cutting the cake

Cycling and cake go very well together....

We are celebrating with villagers in Rufforth this week since we opened a new cycle and walking route which links the village to an existing traffic-free path towards York. Rufforth with Knapton...
21 May 2018
red squirrel with blond tail using a tree mounted nut feeder

The blonde-tailed red squirrels is one of the rare species benefiting from the path's Greenway status. Image credit: Mike Mossop

image of rock crasher

Historic rock crasher equipment can be seen near the path. Image credit: Maddi Nicholson - Art Gene.

Old railway building with grass field background

Old railway building along the path. Image credit: Maddi Nicholson - Art Gene.

The Western section of the C2C coastal path from Whitehaven to Rowrah, and Workington to Seaton, Siddick and Broughton Moor is a former railway track which once hauled iron ore trains between the...
13 April 2018