Community engagement

Consulting with residents in Kings Heath to ensure their views are taken into account during the design stage of the High Street redesign project

A community getting involved at an event on their street

We work with communities to help them re-claim their streets as social spaces, encouraging them to take ownership of their neighbourhoods

From designing walking and cycling networks, re-designing streets, to encouraging more people to travel sustainably, we make sure community engagement is at the heart of everything we do. From small...
6 April 2017
Engaging communities

Community engagement is at the heart of everything we do

Residents in Birmingham playing in their street

We redesign streets to invigorate communities by enabling walking and cycling

We work to bring communities together to help them re-imagine and re-design their streets and public spaces so that they are safer and more attractive places to live in and travel through.  Whether...
13 March 2013
We delivered National Standard cycle training ahead of the launch of the Belfast Bike Share Scheme

We delivered National Standard cycle training ahead of the launch of the Belfast Bike Share Scheme

Children from Mullavilly Primary receiving an award.

We work with schools across Northern Ireland to get children active and healthy on their journey to school.

Schools We work with schools across Northern Ireland to enable more pupils to make active and healthy journeys to school. We are being funded by the Department for Infrastructure and the Public...
11 March 2013

Placemaking should create spaces that encourage social interaction and local ownership

Placemaking is a design technique that integrates urban design within the highway environment, and within traffic free routes away from the highway, to create a place with a strong identity or a...
18 November 2015
New developments

Sustrans works with partners to ensure new residential developments create continuous and coherent routes for non-motorised transport

All new developments, whether residential, business, industrial, health, leisure or education related will generate travel. New developments and regeneration schemes offer an opportunity to provide...
17 November 2015
Sustrans' Portrait Bench series is a national social history project that celebrates the uniqueness of each location. Communities across the UK nominated local people for the contribution they...
18 March 2013
'People have welcomed the redesign, it looks so much better! I think it's a really nice environment to live in -especially for children. I enjoyed being involved in creating the many artworks...
12 March 2013
Young people painting a floor mural
We encourage people to take an active role in their environment and integrate artists to work with communities to improve their neighbourhoods alongside our Community Street Design team. Below are...
18 March 2013
Pupils engaged in Sensory Journeys project
“When you walk you see more wildlife, things you wouldn’t see in a car. And you see a lot more detail.” Year 5 school pupil. Bringing artists into schools to investigate the varying sensory...
18 March 2013
Bicycle sculpture, Sustrans Portrait Bench, Dumfries

Bicycle sculpture and portrait bench in Dumfries

The National Cycle Network has a huge collection of public art and created special places that you can visit again and again by foot or on your bike. We work with artists, schools and local...
12 March 2013