Pupils complete mapping exercise in classroom

We have a variety of resources available to help you engage your whole school community in active travel. Based on our ongoing work with schools across Scotland and the UK we have designed our...
17 May 2013
Children and parents cycling and walking to school
Work with us to transform the school run. Travelling actively to school gives children the chance to be more active and improves their confidence, learning and achievement. Having fewer children...
17 May 2013
graphic showing the different ways pupils travel to school
graphic showing the different ways pupils travel to school split by primary and secondary
pupils standing outside their school in Scotland ©2019, Julie Howden

The survey results provide a valuable annual snapshot of how children travel to school across Scotland.

The Hands Up Scotland Survey looks at how pupils across Scotland travel to school and nursery. Established in 2008, the survey has been providing an insight into journeys to school for more than a...
24 May 2018
Three women entering a car
Three women walking in car-sharing parking area
A third of UK households own two or more cars or vans, and car numbers are increasing, so there’s a growing need to solve our traffic problem. Car clubs and car-sharing schemes could provide part of...
1 June 2016
A man and a woman smiling while riding bikes through a built up area

Take things at your own pace - it doesn't have to be a race

A cyclist goes around a group of walkers while on a shared path

Look around and see if there are any traffic free routes you can make part of your commute

Cycle to work and arrive energised, alert and ready for the day – and you’ll be clocking up your recommended 2.5 hours of physical activity per week before your working day starts! Be prepared The...
31 May 2016
family walking, scooting and cycling together

Active travel is an excellent form of sustainable travel, reducing environmental, social and economic impacts. Photo credit: Brian Savidge ©2015

Travelling in an environment with no congestion or air pollution may seem like a far-fetched desire. However, it’s possible for us all to make changes to the way we travel and contribute to a cleaner...
1 June 2016
Group cycle together through cobbled street

It’s recommended that adults take part in 2.5 hours of moderate activity per week

Cyclist in town passes fountains

One way to achieve this target is to do 30 minutes’ exercise at least five times a week

Getting out walking or cycling burns calories, gets your heart pumping and works your legs and abs. It can also lift your mood, put a smile on your face and improve your general health and wellbeing...
1 June 2016
Family walking on footpath
Children playing on wooden poles
Dad with walking in the park with toddler in baby carrier
Heading out for an adventure with the family is a great way to get in some exercise and spend quality time together. Whether you're off to the park for a day of play or heading out to explore the...
17 May 2016
Three children on bikes with muddy faces

Kids will love the messy adventures they can have on a bike.

Little girl on a tag along bike

When they're still little you can use a 'tag-along' bike like this one.

Family on bikes

You can enjoy some great days out with your kids by bike.

Boy on a bike

Cycling can improve your child's confidence and independence.

Family cycling in the city

Cycling days out are a fun way to spend time with your kids.

Little boy on bike

Even small children can get involved with stabilisers, a tricycle or a seat on your bike.

Children love cycling - it's fast and fun, and gives them freedom and independence to get around. And you don’t need to wait until your kids are old enough to ride themselves to start enjoying the...
15 March 2013
Physical activity includes all forms of activity, such as walking or cycling for everyday journeys, active play, work-related activity, active recreation such as working out in a gym, dancing,...
19 April 2013