Cyclists cross Baldwin Street, Bristol

Photo: Jonathan Bewely ©2017

Cyclist on protected path, Clarence Road Bristol

Photo: Jonathan Bewely ©2017

a crowded built-up street in Bristol

Photo: Jonathan Bewely ©2017

We fundamentally support 20mph and the benefits slower, safer speeds bring to the city and to vulnerable road users. Our policy is that all built up areas should have a default 20mph speed limit as...
16 July 2018
Cyclist on a protected path

Photo: Livia Lazar ©2017

Commenting on the launch of the UK’s first National Infrastructure Assessment, undertaken by the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC), Tim Burns, Senior Policy & Partnerships Advisor at...
10 July 2018
Car behind cyclist in bus lane

Image showing restrictions for a vehicle trying to pass a cyclist in bus lane in Belfast

Did you know the recommended safe distance when passing a cyclist on the road is 1.5 metres? Motor vehicles passing cyclists too closely can be intimidating and very dangerous, which puts less...
4 July 2018
Cyclist by John Lennon mural in Bristol
20mph road sign in Bristol street

20mph speed limits are up for review in Bristol

Bristol City Council is currently reviewing 20mph limits in Bristol – and you can have your say. A review of 20mph speed limits is currently underway to assess how well it is working in communities...
26 June 2018

Artist's impression of Cycle Superhighway 11 looking north along Avenue Road, Swiss Cottage. Image: Transport for London

Westminster City Council has issued a claim for Judicial Review of Cycle Superhighway 11 that could see the scheme stopped. Responding to the news, Ben Addy, Head of Collaborative Design for Sustrans...
18 June 2018