©2018, John Linton People on bikes and person crossing the road in Edinburgh
Getting around on foot or a bike isn’t just good for you, there can be major economic benefits too. It might not be one of the first reasons why people choose to walk or cycle, but there is more and...
20 February 2019
children walking and cycling to school in Edinburgh ©2017, Colin Hattersley

One in four cars on the road are estimated to be on the school run at peak times exposing our children to toxic air pollution and road danger

Responding to the publication of Unicef’s ‘Healthy Air for Every Child: A Call for National Action’ report, Xavier Brice, CEO for the walking and cycling charity Sustrans, said: “We welcome the...
5 February 2019
Photo of Lee Craigie by bicycle at Caird Hall, Dundee

Lee Craigie at her first official appearance as Active Nation Commissioner at Raising the Standards Day

Raising the Standards Day is a great opportunity to explore the issues involved in active travel. To hear from experts across the industry, from within Sustrans alongside national and international...
31 January 2019
20mph street with speed restrictions. image credit Sustrans
This policy position was published by Sustrans in January 2019. Summary The majority of pedestrian and cycling injuries occur in built-up areas as a result of collisions with motor vehicles....
24 January 2019
Photo of family walking on cycling and walking path, National Cycle Network

The Government has set an ambition in the CWIS of getting 55% of primary school children walking to school by 2025 | Photo credit: ©2015, Sustrans

The Government is in serious danger of missing its targets to increase levels of cycling and walking in England unless there is an increase in funding. Giving evidence to the House of Commons...
23 January 2019