Bike Life

three women in front of Station south cafe in construction

Pauline Johnston (left) with Station South co-directors Mark Jermyn and Abigail Pound

Our new Bike Life report found that 73% of women in seven major UK cities don’t ride a bike, with 30% saying they would like to start cycling. Pauline Johnston is a freelance public relations and...
12 June 2018
Mother and children on their bikes

The Bike Life report showed that 52% of people in Newcastle wanted to start cycling or cycle more

Cyclists on a traffic free path

The Bike Life report showed that 7% of Newcastle residents cycle to work

Health, air quality and the local economy would all greatly benefit if everyone living in Newcastle who wants to cycle were able to get on their bikes for regular journeys, according to our new...
23 February 2018
People on bikes outside Birmingham Library

Bike Life is an assessment of city cycling development, including infrastructure, travel behaviour, satisfaction and the impact of cycling

Bike Life is the UK’s biggest assessment of cycling delivered by Sustrans in collaboration with seven cities. We are now looking for at least three new cities to join the project and are inviting...
25 January 2018