Liveable cities

Matt Winfield, Sustrans London Director, welcomes Councillors to our Streets for People Reception

Over a few weeks in April you helped us raise the importance of cycling and walking with hundreds of council candidates across London. This is what we achieved in that short space of time and what is...
15 June 2018
Cyclists on segregated section of St Leonards Street, Edinburgh. Image credit: Tony Marsh

76% of women who already cycle or want to start would find cycle lanes that are physically separated from traffic very helpful to cycle more. Image credit: Tony Marsh/Sustrans

Oxford road Manchester, segregated cycle superhighway. Image credit: Livia Lazar/Sustrans

77% of women in UK cities want cycle safety improved Image credit: Livia Lazar/Sustrans

mother and child on bikes

Twice as many men as women (24:12) currently ride a bike at least once a week in all seven cities. NeilAldridge/Sustrans

Almost three quarters (73%) of women living in seven major UK cities never ride a bike for local journeys. Despite this, over two-thirds (68%) say their city would be a better place to live and work...
12 June 2018
A van passes cyclists on Carlton Vale, Brent

The most polluting vehicles will be charged for entering the centre of the capital from April 2019

In a bid to tackle air pollution from traffic, Sadiq Khan has formally announced that the planned ‘Ultra Low Emission Zone’ will operate from April 8 2019 in the Congestion Charge Zone. The scheme...
8 June 2018
Three people holding T-shirt to launch One Path Initiative on greenway

Rachael Ludlow-Williams and Claire Pollock from Sustrans with Department for Infrastructure Permanent Secretary Peter May on the Comber Greenway

Politicians and officials at launch of One Path Initiative in Belfast

Politicians and officials on the Comber Greenway at the launch of the One Path Initiative and widened greenway.

A walker and woman cycling on Comber Greenway

A walker and person cycling on Comber Greenway with the One Path ethos 'Share, Respect, Enjoy' stencilled on the path

Government officials and councillors joined us today to launch a series of activities to encourage the public to share a popular greenway route that runs from Belfast to Comber, in Co Down. The One...
7 June 2018
Artist's impression of the new Greenway

Artist's impression of the new walking and cycling Greenway route. Image source:

Sustrans working in partnership with the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham (LBBD) and BeFirst has been successful in helping to secure funding to deliver a new cycling and walking greenway in...
22 May 2018