Liveable cities

Sustrans trial of cargo bike for businesses

Butcher delivers by cargo bike: James Palser, Sustrans; Michael Jones, Drings; Cllrs Denise Scott McDonald & Denise Hyland, Royal Borough of Greenwich & Daniel Jones from Riese & Mueller

Cargo bike versus van

Cllrs Denise Scott McDonald and Denise Hyland with Michael Jones, owner of Drings. Our project will pit the van against the electric cargo bike for cost, speed and air quality.

Butcher on electric cargo bike

Michael Jones on his new cargo bike, ready to provide a more personalised service for his customers as part of the Greenwich Low Emissions Neighbourhood scheme.

We have been working on an exciting pilot project with the Royal Borough of Greenwich and local traditional butcher, Drings, making cargo bikes the transport of choice to deliver meat and poultry to...
2 August 2018
Visualisation of Rolt Street

Visualisation of Community Street Design Proposal, Rolt Street, Deptford

Hay bales being used as temporary traffic calming measures

We narrowed the street with hay bales to demonstrate how traffic speeds could be redused

Transport for London’s (TfL) £114 million Liveable Neighbourhood fund offers councils in the capital a real opportunity to create the streets their residents and businesses want to live and work in....
24 July 2018
Lighting in subway, Coventry

Chloe Booth from Sustrans admires coloured lighting in a subway in Coventry. Photo: Tara Rutledge

A community action day was recently held on Saturday 14 July in Spon End, Coventry, aimed at improving the appearance of a local subway. Residents were given the chance to see how colourful lighting...
23 July 2018
Cyclists cross Baldwin Street, Bristol

Photo: Jonathan Bewely ©2017

Cyclist on protected path, Clarence Road Bristol

Photo: Jonathan Bewely ©2017

a crowded built-up street in Bristol

Photo: Jonathan Bewely ©2017

We fundamentally support 20mph and the benefits slower, safer speeds bring to the city and to vulnerable road users. Our policy is that all built up areas should have a default 20mph speed limit as...
16 July 2018
community meeting people standing talking in the street

Get together with your neighbours to discuss what you would like to change about your street

street planter and artwork

Street planters provide a green space with seating and the wall art adds colour and vibrancy

children playing hopscotch

Children enjoying playing hopscotch drawn with chalk on the pavement. Image credit: J Bewley/Sustrans.

Every street has the potential to be a place with greenery, clean air and priority given to people, enabling them to use the space as a community and travel actively. We have put together a list of...
12 July 2018
Dutch school children cycle to school

More than 25% of all trips are cycled in the Netherlands

Why We Cycle title

Dutch documentary film explores the impact of cycle-friendly cities

A Dutch documentary "Why We Cycle" will premiere in London on 18 July, a year after it was first screened at Velo-city 2017, a global conference on cycling and urban mobility. The film features...
11 July 2018
Two cyclists pose with bikes

Dundee City Development Committee Convener Lynne Short and Deputy Convener Mark Flynn celebrate Dundee’s Northern Links project being shortlisted for the competition.

A total of 10 ambitious active travel proposals from eight local authorities have been successful in the first phase of judging of Sustrans Scotland’s Community Links PLUS (CLPLUS) competition 2018....
9 July 2018
Car behind cyclist in bus lane

Image showing restrictions for a vehicle trying to pass a cyclist in bus lane in Belfast

Did you know the recommended safe distance when passing a cyclist on the road is 1.5 metres? Motor vehicles passing cyclists too closely can be intimidating and very dangerous, which puts less...
4 July 2018