Liveable cities

New cycling and walking bridge in Valentines Park

The new cycling and walking bridge compliments the beauty of Valentines Park

Cyclist on safer, greener and easier Quietway 6 route

Quietway 6 will encourage more residents to cycle by providing a safer, greener and easier route

A new bridge in Valentines Park in Redbridge, on Quietway 6 stretching from Wansted Flats to Barkingside has officially opened. Quietways are routes that link key destinations, running along...
20 June 2017
Before: Dunblane Station bridge image

Before: Dunblane Station bridge

After: Dunblane Station bridge

After: The large planters introduce greenery and seating to Dunblane station bridge

Before: Stirling Road near bridge image

Before: Stirling Road near bridge was dominated by parked cars

After: Stirling Road near bridge image

After: Stirling Road near bridge now offers seating and a place for people to meet

Sustrans Scotland and Stirling Council worked with the local community and businesses to reimagine the approach to the towns' railway station, to create a space that feels more welcoming, is people...
14 June 2017
Sustrans trials a road closure in Lambeth

Our in-depth community engagement work helped LB of Lambeth to reduce through traffic on Estreham Road

Estreham Road is now a quiet residential street, but that wasn’t always the case. Between October 2016 and March 2017, we helped the London Borough of Lambeth to engage the local community to trial a...
27 June 2018