Liveable cities

Sustrans staff talking to residents at Rolt Street

Our urban designer took to the streets to hear from local people

Rolt Street entrance to Folkestone Gardens before the community led redesign

Before: The entrance to Folkestone Gardens and Rolt Street could be transformed

Artist's impression of Rolt Street new design

Artist's impression of the new design

We were commissioned to deliver on a community-led design project which set out to link Rolt Street in Deptford with Folkestone Gardens, the neighbouring park, creating a safer environment and...
25 August 2017
cyclists help reduce congestion

Waking and cycling contribute to economic performance by reducing congestion

An active travel toolbox has been launched to help local authorities and their partners make the case for, and improve walking and cycling schemes. The free toolbox, which includes guides, resources...
28 July 2017
cycle and walking route at Royal armouries

The upgraded cycle and walking route is half a metre wider than the previous path

2015 floods affected many cycle routes

Many cycle and walking routes around Leeds were damaged by floods in 2015.

The new tarmac path is perfect for cycling and walking, and links to several routes around the city, and is already being well-used by students and commuters

A popular riverside cycle route between the Royal Armouries and Liberty Dock student accommodation, which was damaged by the Boxing Day floods of 2015, has been repaired and improved by our team in...
26 July 2017
User loading cargo bike with a box
User riding a cargo bike
Connection to your customers. Convenience for your business.  This exciting project aims to introduce electric cargo bikes onto the streets of Scotland’s towns and cities. They are a great way to...
12 July 2017
New cycling and walking bridge in Valentines Park

The new cycling and walking bridge compliments the beauty of Valentines Park

Cyclist on safer, greener and easier Quietway 6 route

Quietway 6 will encourage more residents to cycle by providing a safer, greener and easier route

A new bridge in Valentines Park in Redbridge, on Quietway 6 stretching from Wansted Flats to Barkingside has officially opened. Quietways are routes that link key destinations, running along...
20 June 2017