Air Quality

UK election ends in a hung Parliament. We call on the next Government to recommit to increasing levels of walking and cycling.

Commenting on the result of the general election, our chief executive Xavier Brice said: “Our country faces a physical inactivity epidemic; an obesity crises; record congestion on our roads; and poor...
9 June 2017
School children on bikes

Air pollution particularly affects children and older people as well as those with existing respiratory conditions

Ten primary schools in Lambeth are helping children plan their school routes to reduce exposure to poor air quality, as part of the Air-mazing Journeys project. Air-mazing Delivered by Sustrans, the...
4 April 2017
We are calling for a new Clean Air Act
We have joined a call for a new Clean Air Act, as part of the Healthy Air Campaign, a coalition of health, transport and environment organisations demanding urgent action to improve air quality in...
15 February 2017