Safeguard the Network appeal

The record breaking levels of rainfall have caused extraordinary levels of flooding and significant damage across the National Cycle Network.

We need your help or our ability to repair and maintain the Network could be severely reduced.

We rely on donations to be able to spend an average of £1.3 million a year fulfilling our maintenance responsibilities across the National Cycle Network.

The challenges we face range from clearing ditches and replacing fencing to removing debris and reinstating bridges. Only with these mammoth efforts can we restore pathways and bridges that have experienced major flood damage.

Please make a donation today to help us safeguard the paths and routes we all love. Thank you.

  • Could pay for the clearing of drainage ditches and debris.

  • Could help pay for water damaged paths to be re-surfaced.

  • Could help pay for the replacement of sections of safety railings on one of our bridges.