Street Talks Podcast 1: Jon Orcutt on Transforming New York's Streets

Laura Laker and Jon Orcutt

Laura Laker and Jon Orcutt

Street Talks go virtual for our first Podcast as we hear from New York City’s Jon Orcutt on transforming a global city’s streets for cycling and walking. Listen below or subscribe through whichever podcast app you use.

In our first Street Talk podcast, Journalist Laura Laker interviews New York City’s former Deputy Director of Transport, and current Director of Communications and Advocacy for the U.S. based Transit Centre, Jon Orcutt.

Jon tells us about his experience delivering change in the Big Apple, and his views what our capital can learn. He also talks about the role of politicians, campaigners and community leaders, and airs his doubts over the hype surrounding new technology in transport.

Laura then caught up with Nick Sanderson from Sustrans to reflect on what Jon had to say.

Listen here or find it on Soundcloud or iTunes.

Thanks to Jon Orcutt and Laura Laker for their time.

You can find out more about Jon’s work at, or follow him on twitter @jonorcutt. Laura is on twitter @LakerLikes

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