Our Strategy 2017-22

We are Sustrans. We are the charity making it easier for people to walk and cycle.

families walking and cycling to school

Since 1977, we have been making journeys safer and empowering people to make travel choices which are good for them, their neighbourhoods and the environment.

However, we are faced with many challenges. The proportion of trips made by cycling remains stubbornly low at 2%. People want to change how they travel, but they’re worried about safety. Our cities and towns are choked by air pollution and congestion. We are consuming more food but burning fewer calories, as we increasingly rely on fossil fuels to get around.

With this strategy we are setting our sights high, and we’re taking millions of others with us on this journey. We need our incredible volunteers and supporters more than ever. Working together, we’ll make walking and cycling an easy and everyday choice.

Xavier Brice, Chief Executive
Bill Stow, Chair of trustees

We make it easier for people to walk and cycle because it leads to:

  • Happier, healthier people
  • Greener, better local environments
  • Stronger communities and economies

We walk and bike the talk.

We make the case for walking and cycling using robust evidence and showing what can be done. We influence decision-makers to create the conditions needed to deliver walking and cycling solutions.

We provide solutions. We have a strong track record in delivery. We capture people’s imaginations with bold ideas that we can help make happen. We are grounded in communities. We involve local people in the design, delivery and maintenance of local solutions.

Our work makes it easier for people to walk and cycle. We use our skills in behaviour change, community engagement and changing the built environment across our three areas of focus:

  • Connecting people and places

  • Creating liveable neighbourhoods

  • Transforming the school run and commutes

The National Cycle Network is Sustrans’ longest running project, born in 1995. Our vision is of a UK-wide Network of safe, traffic-free routes connecting and crossing settlements and countryside, and inspiring a new generation to get on their bikes.

The Network saves the UK economy over £160 million each year by reducing levels of obesity.

We work with commissioners, influencers, decision makers, and communities across all the nations of the UK.

We work in partnership. We work with everyone because people face different barriers to walking and cycling. We act on our responsibility to support everyone to walk or cycle, of all abilities and backgrounds.

Children and parents, Belfast Botanical Gardens

Because we’re here to make a difference, measuring our impact is essential. We need to know how our work benefits people, communities, and the environment. We will continue to make measuring our impact central to what we do.

We will use the information we gather to learn from our experiences, increase our impact and make the most of our resources, share our learning with others to support the sector and build an evidence base for investment in walking and cycling.

"Streets that are better for walking and cycling are better for cities' livability, safety and economies. For 40 years, Sustrans has been a leading voice in the urban revolution about how we get around, and today, the world is starting to catch up with them."

Janette Sadik-Khan Bloomberg Associates, former New York City Transport Commissioner