Promoting sustainable and active travel in the workplace can reap significant benefits for employers and employees alike.

Our workplace offers provide you with all you need to achieve healthier, happier staff, corporate social responsibility and business savings.

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Our employee engagement projects consistently achieve impressive and measurable results. The typical benefits of our projects deliver estimated savings of a minimum of £7,500 a year per 100 employees engaged.
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Way to Work is a website which showcases funding, training and accreditation opportunities that are available to workplaces in Scotland. It can help you to find ways to support your staff to travel on foot, by bike, public transport or car share. It takes you directly to where you can find more information and the right person to talk to.

Visit to transform commuting and business travel in your workplace. 


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Each March workplaces across Scotland compete with each other in the Scottish Workplace Journey Challenge to clock up the most walking, cycling, public transport and car-sharing journeys. This is a fun participation-based competition, with plenty of prizes available throughout for both individuals and workplaces.

Nearly 5,000 people from over 200 Scottish organisations participated in the Challenge in 2019. Together they logged over 85,000 journeys, saving almost £90,000 and over 75,000kg in CO2 emissions by choosing to travel actively and sustainably for their journeys to, from and for work.

The Challenge won 'Best Practice in Travel to School and Work Schemes' at the 2018 Scottish Transport Awards and has been shortlisted again in 2019.

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Workplace Active Travel Champions are volunteers within your workforce who help people to be more active through walking or cycling for more of their everyday journeys. They provide advice about active travel choices and may set up walking and cycling activities in their workplace.

The Champions are given a full training programme and resources to enable them to do this and receive support from a dedicated member of our staff.


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Our Bike Library has a selection of cargo bikes currently available for small businesses and enterprises in Edinburgh to borrow for free for a flexible period of time. This allows businesses to try moving their goods in a different way, encouraging an active travel culture in the workplace and potentially saving money. 

We can then offer advice and support to businesses interested in purchasing their own cargo bike if they find it suits their needs.