Cycle Friendly Employer Award

People cycling and walking through a park

Taking active steps to improve the health of your employees and reducing your organisation's impact on the environment

The Cycle Friendly Employer award scheme recognises and supports Scottish employers who are committed to enabling higher levels of cycling.

The award is an initiative of Cycling Scotland, and is designed not only to reward those organisations that are already working hard on promoting cycling in the workplace, but also to offer guidance to organisations which would like to do more but aren’t sure where to start.

How it works

After registering on Cycling Scotland’s website, prospective partners are asked to carry out an online self-assessment. Following this, a Cycling Scotland officer will offer feedback and arrange an assessment visit, and will make suggestions regarding any further improvements that could be made.

Throughout the process, support is offered by the Scotland-wide network of Cycle Friendly Employer Service Centres, and grants of up to £20,000 may be available from Cycling Scotland to help organisations overcome barriers to achieving CFE status.

Why gain accreditation?

Gaining accreditation as a Cycle Friendly Employer demonstrates to employees, customers and business partners that you have taken practical steps to help improve the health of your employees and to reduce your organisation’s impact on the local environment. Organisations that achieve the award also gain access to further support from Cycling Scotland, including subsidised training and toolkits.

The Cycle Friendly Employer award successfully complements other schemes to promote active travel in the workplace. Sustrans Scotland’s Active Travel Champions project has engaged with several organisations which have either previously or subsequently achieved Cycle Friendly status, and the award offers an opportunity to build on one-off events such as Cycle to Work Day and Bike Week.

There are also several sister schemes to Cycle Friendly Employer, including Cycle Friendly Primary School, Secondary School, Campus, and Community.

Find out more about other workplace interventions that could support active travel in Scotland. If you wish to register with the Cycle Friendly Employer award scheme, contact Cycling Scotland.

For regular updates on this and other workplace active travel initiatives, join the Scottish Workplace Network - email us to register.