Safer Routes to School Fund

children on bikes near school

Safer Routes to School funding supports infrastructure developments around school catchment areas and clusters to make it easier for pupils to walk, scooter and cycle to school safely. Applications are currently open until March 2019.

What is Safer Routes to School funding?

Safer Routes to School is a grant which is funded by the Scottish Government and delivered by Sustrans.

It provides funding to support infrastructure developments around school catchment areas and clusters to make it easier for pupils to walk, scooter and cycle to school safely.

For design and school engagement, Sustrans can provide 100% of project funding, and for construction, projects can be match funded up to 50%. We anticipate most projects will apply for both design and construction funding.

Why is the funding needed?

A recent survey showed the main barrier for parents allowing their children to cycle or walk to school was concerns for safety (Scottish Parent Teacher Council, Sustrans).

Safer Routes to School funded projects will tackle this by physically changing routes so they are safer. They will also engage with whole school communities to ensure pupils are confident cycling, scootering and walking to school.

Who can apply for Safer Routes to School funding?

Applications can be submitted by:

  • local authorities
  • constituted community groups
  • public or third sector organisations that can demonstrate an ability to deliver and maintain the infrastructure for which they are applying.

We particularly encourage partnership applications, such as joint applications from schools and local authorities as staff in schools know the issues in their local area, while local authorities can provide the infrastructure expertise.

What is the application process?

Applications must be submitted on the Sustrans Portal. This can be done by your application partner (usually your local authority). 

What is the deadline for applications?

Applications are now open! The first round of applications closes in March 2019.

Safer Routes to School programme timeline

Milestone Date
Safer Routes to School programme reopens for further applications 1 July 2018
Applications reviewed and applicants notified within four weeks of submission July 2018 - March 2019
Safer Routes to School programme 2018-19 closes March 2019


Safer Routes to School Projects map

View this map full screen. Hovering over a dot brings up a summary of each project. Full descriptions can be read by clicking on the dot.

Get in touch

For further information and guidance please email [email protected]. We are happy to set up telephone or face-to-face meetings about applications and project ideas.

2019 Update

We’ve recently simplified our offering to give more direct access to our knowledge and experience, to emphasise our partnership approach that leads to better outcomes and to help ensure the projects we’re involved with can achieve the best possible outcomes.

From 13 March 2019, the funding is called Places for Everyone.