School Cycle and Scooter Parking Fund

Children on bikes at school Image credit:Colin Hattersley/Sustrans

What is the Cycle and Scooter Parking Grant Fund?

It is funding for the installation of cycle and/or scooter parking facilities in schools based in Scotland. Cycle parking facilities can range from individual cycle stands, through to shelters, cycle lockers, secure storage and scooter parking.

Why is the funding needed?

Secure cycle and scooter parking is a crucial factor in encouraging cycling to school. Getting it right can be a very effective way for schools to promote active journeys to school and reduce traffic congestion at the school gates. It is also a visible way of publicising cycling and making cyclists feel valued.

Who can apply for the Cycle and Scooter Parking Grant Fund?

Applications can be made by local authorities, not schools themselves.  If your school is interested in applying for funding, please liaise with the relevant contact(s) in your local authority - if you aren't sure who this is, get in touch below. We encourage you to contact your local authority as soon as possible.

We will prioritise applications that clearly demonstrate how they have applied best practice in identifying the type and location(s) of the proposed cycle parking facilities. Any school receiving funding must take part in the Hands Up Scotland Survey.

What is the application process?

Milestone Description Date
Application Submitted Electronic applications to be submitted. Wed 26 June 2019
Award Funding Successful applicants will be notified. w/c 8 July 2019
Documentation Completion Two copies of the Offer Letter must be signed by the local authority. Sustrans will countersign and return a copy for records. Thur 1 August 2019 (or within 28 days of receipt, whichever is later)
Project Completion Site works to be completed. Tues 26 November 2019
Grant Claims Completed claim form returned to Sustrans. Tues 21 Jan 2020
Project Reports Returned Project report including before and after monitoring data submitted to Sustrans. Thur 25 June 2020

How much funding is available?

Local authorities can apply for a maximum of £10,000 per school.

Get in touch

For further information and guidance please email [email protected].