Active travel for schools in Scotland

Primary school pupils cycling
A cycle shelter full of bikes, in a primary school playground

We offer expert advice and funding support for projects that encourage active travel to school in Scotland. Funds are available for cycle and scooter parking facilities and for projects that support walking and cycling infrastructure around schools.

Safer routes to school

Safety concerns are the main barrier to parents allowing their children to travel actively to school. Our Places for Everyone funding supports infrastructure developments around school catchment areas and clusters to make it easier for pupils to walk, scooter and cycle to school safely.

We particularly support ambitious, area-wide solutions and innovative approaches to promoting active travel on the school run. We expect projects to engage the whole school community and to incorporate behaviour change activities and initiatives.

For design and school engagement, our Places for Everyone funding can provide 100% of project funding. Construction projects can be match funded up to 50%. We anticipate most projects will apply for both design and construction funding. 

Cycle and scooter parking

Secure cycle and scooter parking is a crucial factor in encouraging cycling and scootering to school. Getting it right can be a very effective way for schools to promote active journeys to school and reduce traffic congestion at the school gates. It is also a visible way of publicising cycling and making cyclists feel valued. Through our School Cycle and Scooter Parking Fund, we can support schools to deliver safe and secure cycle and scooter storage for children and young people. 

Please note that applications are made through the local authority, not the schools themselves. If your school is interested in applying for funding, please liaise with the relevant contact in your local authority. We encourage you to contact your local authority as soon as possible.

We will prioritise applications that clearly demonstrate how they have applied best practice in identifying the type and location(s) of the proposed cycle parking facilities, and any school receiving funding must take part in the Hands Up Scotland Survey.