Policy in Scotland

lady cycling in Scotland

Sustrans Scotland successfully influences policy development to ensure that more people have the choice to walk, cycle or take public transport for more of their everyday journeys. We work closely with the Scottish Government, Local Authorities, government agencies and politicians in order to achieve this aim.

Active travel policy guidance

Active Travel Strategy Guidance July 2014

Policy positions

Sustainable transport and the ScotRail franchise January 2014

Bilingual signs in Scotland May 2013

Policy submissions

Inquiry into Air Quality in Scotland Sustrans response   August 2017
National Transport Strategy call for evidence Sustrans response   July 2017
Improving Parking in Scotland Sustrans response   June 2017
City Region Deals in Scotland Sustrans response   May 2017
Consultation on the future of the Scottish Planning System Sustrans response   April 2017
Aberdeen Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route Sustrans response   March 2017
National Transport Strategy Early Engagement Sustrans response   March 2017
Active Travel Task Force Call for Evidence Sustrans response   March 2017
Aberdeen Access from the South Bridge of Dee Study Sustrans response    June 2016
West Lothian Active Travel Plan Sustrans response    December 2015
Dundee Cycling Strategy  Sustrans response   December 2015
Review of the Scottish Planning System Sustrans response   December 2015
Consultation on Air Quality Plans to meet EU Limit Values for Nitrogen Dioxide in Scotland  Sustrans response   November 2015
Footway Parking & Double Parking (Scotland) Bill Sustrans response   November 2015
Edinburgh's parking action plan consultation  Sustrans response   October 2015
SESplan main issues report  Sustrans response    September 2015
Glasgow's draft Strategic Plan for Cycling 2015 - 2025 Sustrans response   September 2015
Active Cairngorms Sustrans response   April 2015
Low Emission Strategy for Scotland Sustrans response   March 2015
Aberdeen City Council Local Transport Strategy 2015-2020 Sustrans response   March 2015
ETRO/14/38B Bus Lanes – Operational Hours Experimental Order Sustrans response   February 2015
ETRO/14/38A Bus Lanes – Permitted Vehicles Experimental Order Sustrans response   February 2015
Dumfries and Galloway Council Active Travel Strategy Sustrans response   February 2015
Queen Street station redevelopment Sustrans response   November 2014
Scottish Stations Fund Process Sustrans and City of Edinburgh Council submission   November 2014
Nestrans Active Travel Action Plan Sustrans response   October 2014
Call for views on Scrutiny of Draft Budget 2015-16 Sustrans response   October 2014
The Smith Commission call for views Sustrans response   October 2014
Glasgow City Centre Transport Strategy Sustrans response   June 2014
Glasgow Parks Management Consultation Sustrans response   February 2014
Proposed National Planning Framework 3 (NPF3) Sustrans response Blog post January 2014
Consultation on the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill Response from Ramblers Scotland and Sustrans Scotland Blog post January 2014
Public Consultation Meadow Place Road/Broomhouse Road Sustrans response   December 2013
Edinburgh Local Transport Strategy  Sustrans response   October 2013
Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee call for evidence on the draft budget 2014-15  Sustrans response   October 2013
Scottish Planning Policy Consultation Draft Sustrans response   July 2013
Scotland's Third National Planning Framework: Main Issues Report and Draft Framework Sustrans response   July 2013
Edinburgh Council: Building a Vision for the City Centre Building a Vision for Edinburgh City Centre   May 2013
Edinburgh Council: Public and Accessible Transport Action Plan 2013 – 2020 Sustrans response   March 2013
Low Carbon Scotland: Meeting our Emissions Reduction Targets 2013-2027 (RPP2) Sustrans response   February 2013
Scottish Government: Cycling Action Plan for Scotland - Re-fresh Exercise Sustrans response   February 2013
Scotland Land Reform Review Group: Call for Evidence Sustrans response   January 2012
Scottish Government: National Planning Framework 3 National Cycle Network   December 2012
Scottish Government: National Planning Framework 3 Safe Routes to Schools   December 2012
Scottish Government: National Planning Framework 3 On road segregated cycle lanes   December 2012
Scottish Government: National Planning Framework 3 20mph speed limits in all residential and shopping streets   December 2012