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Scotland NCN closures and diversions

Information on National Route: 177375777678195756

This page lists any significant closures and diversions of National Cycle Network routes in Scotland that we're currently aware of. 

We encourage local authorities and other statutory bodies responsible for land traversed by the National Cycle Network to use their powers to keep National Cycle Network routes open, free from obstruction & well maintained. Where routes are temporarily closed we ask that they make appropriate arrangements including appropriate directional signage (pdf) and that they provide information to the public both before and during the work. If we are notified we do our best to help by listing issues on this page and linking to the information they provide. 

Please let us know of any significant route diversions or closures not mentioned below.

 National Route 1


Number image from signNumber image from sign  Aberdeenshire (also Route 195)

Ongoing, long term potential disruption (including closures)

Long term work (and the final route) on the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route will disrupt National Route 1 between Aberdeen and Stonehaven. The new road, and the existing National Route 1, follow fairly similar route lines in many places. There may also be disruption to National Route 195 (the Deeside Way) and National Route 1 north of Aberdeen as the route line for the new road and the National Cycle Route cross. The planned road can be seen on Openstreetmap mapping for the area. We will endeavour to provide information about closures and diversions here as we receive it (see below). Please note that in some areas the National Cycle Network follows the only quiet route available. Where diversions would lead people to cycle on much busier roads it is very likely that no National Cycle Network diversions will be signed at all, but mapping provided instead so that people can plan a suitable route based on their personal needs. It has been suggested to us that 'Park Bridge' offers one of the more suitable river crossings (just to the south of National Route 195) - with the potential to use (mostly) quieter roads to the south/southeast of this to link between Route 195 and Route 1. 

  • A short diversion of Route 195 (Deeside Way) is in place at Milltimber (see map for approximate area) where the previous path has been severed. It may be necessary for those cycling to dismount and use a section of pavement.

Number image from signQueensferry Crossing (new Forth Bridge)

Ongoing - route disrupted by bridge work

Both National Route 1 and Route 76, at the junction of the routes, at the north end of the Forth Road Bridge (see map), have been affected by the work associated with the Queensferry Crossing. In particular the link between Route 1 and Route 76 currently remains confused (particularly where is passes though the car park for the 'park and ride'). Openstreetmap based mapping (which is maintained by ordinary members of the general public) is often the most up to date and this link shows the main path east-west through the area. 

Number image from signCity centre, Edinburgh

Disruption/closure, January 2018

A short section of route 1 - linking Randolph Place to Charlotte Square - in Edinburgh city centre is (at 3 January 2018) partially closed (see map). There is no diversion signed but passage is possible (at 3 January 2018) on foot. 

Number image from signCullen to Portknockie

Closure of NCN 1 between Cullen and Portknockie, 27th November 2017

Due to a landslip on NCN 1 between Cullen and Portknockie (see map) Moray Council have had to close this section of the route due to safety concerns. Moray Council are currently working on looking at a temporary diversion for this route, along with options to repair this section. We will update this note once more information becomes available.

Number image from signKessock Bridge (Inverness)

Temporary closure of southwestern footway, 6 December 2017 for 5 weeks

We have been informed that painting work on the Kessock Bridge (see map) has closed the footway/cycleway on the southwestern side of the bridge. The work is forecast to last for 5 weeks from 6 December 2017. There are informal crossing points on the A9 at either end of the bridge, however we are told that a diversion is signed to make it easier to cross to the other footway safely. These diversions take users under the bridge at either end to bring them to the footway on the northeastern side of the bridge without having to directly cross the A9. This means use of 'Point Road' at the northwestern end of the bridge, and 'Stadium Road' at the southeastern end of the bridge. Note that this diversion adds very roughly 1.5km at either end to a journey across the bridge (assuming travel from the beginning to the end of the diversion at both ends). 

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National Route 7


Number image from signSaucel Hill Park, Paisley

From June 2017 for 32 weeks, short urban diversion

The normal entrance at Hunterhill Road to Saucel Hill Park (see map)  will be closed from 5th June for 32 weeks for sewer main replacement works, with a signed diversion in place down Patrick Street. The short diversion will still allow people access to Paisley’s Canal Station and the National Cycle route in both directions.

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National Route 73 


Number image from signArran ferry (Ardrossan to Brodick) - (NCN 73 northern section, Kilmarnock - Lochranza) 

Busy sailings

Caledonian MacBrayne are suggesting to those wishing to take bikes on the Ardrossan to Brodick/Arran ferry (see map) that they should be aware that some sailings have become particularly popular, including with group rides. They have published information suggesting that they may need to limit access to particularly busy sailings, and asking that groups telephone to check for details. We understand that their main concerns are around the 09:45 sailing on Saturdays (exact time may change with timetable updates), and their hope is that people choose alternate sailings if this is possible.


Number image from signNewton Stewart, Dumfries & Galloway (NCN 73 southern section, Newton Stewart - Stranraer) 

Ongoing from 2016, bridge removed

The footbridge in Newton Stewart (see map) which was used by National Route 73 has been removed. We believe that no diversion is signed. An alternative road bridge crossing of the river is obvious approximately 400m north of the footbridge (and the route to it is relatively obvious). Note that this is the crossing used by the B7079 within Newton Stewart, not the crossing outside Newton Stewart, approximately 700m south of the footbridge, used by the A75. We do not currently have any information about any plan/timescale for the replacement of this bridge.

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National Route 75


Number image from signPort Glasgow, Inverclyde

Complete closure - ongoing

We were informed at the end of 2015 that National Route 75 across Devol Glen, Port Glasgow is closed due to a landslip. The closure is between Alderbrae Road and the access path from Mackie Avenue (see map). A second map of the closure is available (png). The diversion is about a mile long via residential roads, along Lilybank Road and back to the path on more residential streets. We have not been informed of a re-opening date, and a general indication that the closure is ongoing is on a diversions page from Inverclyde Council.

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 National Route 76


Number image from signQueensferry Crossing

Ongoing, 2017

Please see information in section above.    

Number image from signHopetoun Estate

Disruption/closure, January/February/March 2018

We have been notified that the Hopetoun Estate, between South Queensferry and Bo'ness, intends to close paths in 'Wester Shore Wood' (see map) for around 6 weeks from the middle of January 2018. Route 76 passes through this woodland and we expect the existing path to be completely closed. Hopetoun Estate note that this is for essential forestry thinning works with large forestry harvesting machinery and that "temporary alternative routes will be notified early in January and in advance of the closure". 

The closure will begin on Wednesday 17 January 2018. Currently we understand that a shorter alternative route is being provided, involving steeper sections and grass surfaces, which is more suitable for those on foot - with a longer suggested route for those on bicycles involving travel south to the Union Canal towpath. 

We will add any additional information here.

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 National Route 77


Number image from signDundee waterfront and west

Ongoing - disruption of route, 2017

While work continues at the waterfront in central Dundee there will be some disruption to National Cycle Network Route 77 - in the area (see map) between the station and the Tay Road Bridge. The overall route line here should remain clear (it follows the waterfront) but locally it may be necessary to negotiate the work in progress. Take note that the link to/from National Cycle Network Route 1 on the Tay Road Bridge here involves the use of a lift at the northwest end of the bridge.

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National Route 78


Number image from signConnel Bridge disruption

Overnight closures - 21 January 2018 for 5 nights

We have been informed that Connel Bridge (north from Oban - see map) will be closed for 5 nights from 21 January 2018. The times of closure have most recently been stated as midnight to 6am. The information states "escorted local access [will] be provided on an hourly basis starting from 1am for a 10min period" - we have no information on whether people on foot, cycling, or pushing a bicycle will be allowed to pass over the bridge at other times. 


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National Route 195


Number image from signAberdeen Western Peripheral Route disruption

Potential local diversions - ongoing

Please refer to information about ongoing long term diversions, due to the building of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (and related roads), to Route 1 and Route 195 earlier on this page.


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National Route 756


Number image from signGlasgow (riverside paths)


In Glasgow a drop in water levels following the failure of the functioning of the River Clyde tidal weir in August 2017 caused some considerable damage to sections of the riverside paths upstream of the weir. Several sections of path have been re-opened, but it is clear that there will be some path closures and diversions in the longer term. Currently (13 September 2017) paths are closed/diverted as follows:

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