ArtRoots Funding for the National Cycle Network in Scotland

Drover's Bho bull metal sculpture

Drover's Bho is a metal sculpture installed next to the NCN path in the village of Strathyre

Carrbridge's carved bridge

This artwork made of wood was commissioned to mark the 300th anniversary of the bridge in Carrbridge, the oldest stone bridge in the Highlands

The ArtRoots fund is a community fund for artistic and aesthetic improvements to the National Cycle Network in Scotland.

The fund enables and empowers communities to make improvements to the National Cycle Network (NCN) for the benefit of place quality, enjoyment and active travel.

2018 is the Year of young People and this year the ArtRoots fund will target schemes that encourage opportunities for young artists. The fund supports local enterprise and culture, whilst also showcasing talent, intergenerational co-operation, expression, and creating a platform for youngsters to be heard through their arts. It also encourages young people to participate in shaping their local environment and increase their levels of physical activity.

Why fund this?

Not only do art and aesthetic improvements provide a message that the path and its users are important, they can also make a journey more enjoyable and increase user confidence in the route they are on.

We hope to encourage more people to travel by bike or foot, and by making cycle routes more attractive and enjoyable more people could be encouraged to choose healthier, cleaner and cheaper methods of travel.

Communities have the best knowledge of their local area and often the best ideas for how to improve it – we want to put the power to make improvements into the hands of the community.

Art is an essential part of enjoyment of public spaces and placemaking, encouraging more to travel actively.

- John Lauder, Sustrans National Director, Scotland

Who can apply for a grant?

This fund is for constituted community groups based in Scotland.

How much can be applied for?

Grants of up to £5,000 are available.

When can I apply for a grant?

Constituted community groups based in Scotland who would like to make improvements to the artworks along their local NCN route are being asked to fill in an online expression of interest form.

We will be accepting expression of interest forms between Monday 11 June 2018 and Tuesday 17 July 2018 at 17:00.

The closing date for full applications will be Monday 30 July 2018.

The fund is not open all year-round but has different funding rounds in summer and winter.

Artroots funded projects

Drover’s Bho, NCN7 in Strathyre

Loch Earn Tourism Information (LETi) applied for a grant to have a sculpture made and installed next to the NCN path in the village of Strathyre. Their idea was to have a cow to represent the old drover’s route through the village. 

Carrbridge’s carved bridge

2017 marked the 300th anniversary of the bridge in Carrbridge, making it the oldest stone bridge in the Highlands.

To celebrate this occasion the Carrbridge Tourism and Business Association applied to the ArtRoots fund for a grant. Carrbridge holds a hugely popular annual chainsaw carving competition.

Read the full ArtRoots Fund Guidelines

If you have any questions about the fund, please contact Cosmo Blake