About the network

Roman Legion Artwork, National Route 75, Scotland

The Roman Legion artwork, Route 75 between Bridge of Weir and Kilmacolm

The National Cycle Network comprises over 14,000 miles (22,530 km) of signed and promoted cycle routes across the UK, of which around 2,371 miles (3,815 km) are in Scotland. The Network provides long-distance cycling opportunities, but also important community links to encourage everyday journeys to be made sustainably. View a map of the National Cycle Network in Scotland.

The aims of the National Cycle Network are to:

  • Provide a nationwide network of safe, attractive, high quality routes for all non-motorised users, including pedestrians, cyclists, wheelchair users and equestrians;
  • Promote walking and cycling as forms of transport which link communities and public transport options. The Network aims to provide a standard appropriate to the needs of people of all ages and abilities;
  • Stimulate wider measures benefiting pedestrians and cyclists and help promote local and regional networks.

The NCN is constructed to an appropriate standard to attract a wide range of users and abilities, such as:

  • A competent 12 year old child cycling unaccompanied;
  • Family groups with younger, supervised children;
  • And all novice cyclists (aged 12 years and above).

A key strategic aim in taking the Network forward is to ensure that it provides more convenient alternatives to individual motorised transport and helps achieve a meaningful mode shift to more active and sustainable modes of transport. It is vital that local and regional bodies are engaged in developing the Network and linking it with wider area transport and planning initiatives. 

Route continuity is a fundamental aspect of the Network and we encourage roads and planning authorities to take all opportunities to improve accesss to it by:

  • actively endeavouring to link the Network to communities;
  • integrating the Network with other transport and social infrastructure;
  • and expanding local and regional walking and cycle networks to link with it.

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Navigating the Network

Routes that are part of the National Cycle Network are identified by blue cycle route signs with red number patches.

For example:




Click here for more information about cycle signs and road markings.

Email Sustrans Scotland or call 0131 346 1384 to discuss any issues regarding the National Cycle Network in Scotland.

Details of routes being developed can be found in our Route News page, and rides can be found in the easy rides section. You can also find all sorts of rides on our online map.