I Bike

I Bike officer on led ride with school pupils
Highlights from the 2016-17 I Bike report

I Bike is an innovative schools project promoting cycling, walking and scooting. 

I Bike empowers children, parents and teachers to travel actively, safely and confidently to school - encouraging exercise and reducing traffic congestion. This culture of active travel in schools results in safer, happier and healthier communities.

The project engages with children and young people experiencing barriers to cycling participation, with a specific focus on addressing the drop in cycling from primary to secondary school, and the gender gap in rates of cycling between boys and girls.

Activities include: cycle and scooter training, led rides, learn to ride sessions, bike breakfasts, dress up your bike/scooter and road safety awareness.

Established in 2008, I Bike has grown to a team of 14 officers in 12 different local authority areas in Scotland, each working intensively with around 8 selected primary and secondary schools per year. Local volunteers receive training to support the projects and help to sustain the school’s active travel culture. See Volunteering in Schools for information on getting involved. 

Our work complements initiatives such as Active Schools and the delivery of school travel plans, delivering health and transport outcomes by helping schools to improve physical activity levels and manage traffic issues around the school gates.

Outcomes of the I Bike project

The I Bike Report 2016-17 shows that the project is achieving its aims to get more pupils traveling actively. Click here for highlights from the report.

The Hands Up Scotland Survey data from 2016 also showed exciting results, revealing that in I Bike schools average levels of active travel are 10.6% points higher than in non-I Bike schools (57.2% and 46.6% respectively).

We currently deliver I Bike in:

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