I Bike school project

A Sustrans IBike Officer presents a 2012 Big Pedal Award to her local school.

Our I Bike project works with schools in Scotland to help embed a culture of active travel and create safer, happier and healthier school communities. 

The project delivers practical solutions to combat the drop in cycling levels seen when children move from primary to secondary schools and to increase the numbers of girls cycling the school journey. 

I Bike Officers

We currently have dedicated I Bike Officers working in 12 local authorities across Scotland, delivering a structured programme of practical activities for the whole school community. These activities work to enable more pupils, parents and teachers to travel actively by building their skills and confidence, encouraging greater road awareness, and highlighting safer routes to school.

Our work complements initiatives such as Active Schools and the delivery of school travel plans, delivering health and transport outcomes by helping schools to improve physical activity levels and manage traffic issues around the school gates.

I Bike Officers work intensively with up to 10 schools per year.

Outcomes of the I Bike project

The I Bike Report 2017 shows that the project is achieving its aims to get more pupils traveling actively, with a 2.4% point increase in pupils travelling to school by an active mode, a 9.5% point increase in pupils sometimes cycling to school, and a 2.0% point decrease in pupils traveling to school by car. Click here for highlights from the report.

The Hands Up Scotland Survey data from 2016 also showed exciting results, revealing that in I Bike schools average levels of active travel are 10.6% points higher than in non-I Bike schools (57.2% and 46.6% respectively).

Volunteering in schools

The work of our I Bike Officers is supported by a network of volunteers who help deliver activities in schools. See Volunteering in Schools for information on getting involved. 

The areas listed below have I Bike officers.

Contact the I Bike team if you are interested in having I Bike in your local community.