Hands Up Scotland Survey data request

In addition to the national level data related to the Hands Up Scotland Survey, the Hands Up Scotland Survey team also produces reports containing information at a school level for local authorities.

To access these local authority reports to aid more in-depth analyses for a specific project or purpose, please submit a data request to the Hands Up Scotland Survey team, available to download in the 'Related documents' section of this page.

Sharing of school level data is at the discretion of the relevant local authority and Sustrans’ Research and Monitoring Unit.

Please note that whilst a usual turnaround period for a simple dataset request would be two to three weeks, more complex requests may take longer. Turnaround time will also vary depending on our available resources, particularly at busy times.

Your submitted data request will be processed in accordance with the Hands Up Scotland data request guidelines terms and conditions.

If you encounter any problems in submitting your data request, please contact the Hands Up Scotland Survey team.