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Community Links Programme

See our Community Links Portfolio below to find out about some of our exciting infrastructure projects from the past five years.

Sustrans Scotland‘s Community Links programme provides grant funding to a range of organisations including local authorities, statutory bodies, community groups and educational institutions for the creation of infrastructure that makes it easier for people to walk and cycle for more of the journeys they make every day.

You can find out about some of the exciting projects delivered through the programme in our Community Links Portfolio.


The Community Links Programme is funded through the Transport Scotland Sustainable Transport team within the Scottish Government and is a key component in the delivery of the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland vision that “by 2020, 10% of all journeys taken in Scotland will be by bike”.

What we do

  • We make it easier for people to travel actively by funding infrastructure projects which encourage people to cycle, walk or use another active travel mode  for their everyday journeys.
  • We make it safer and more pleasant for people to travel actively by creating environments which lower the speed and volume of motorised vehicles.
  • We meet the needs of communities by providing people the opportunity to shape their local environment and link where they live with the places they want to get to.
  • We encourage innovation by supporting partners to raise the standard of infrastructure for walking and cycling in Scotland.
  • We encourage the design and creation of places which make a better use of public space and encourage higher levels of active travel.

Apply for Community Links funding

Sustrans encourages applications from all sectors where active travel can support the aims of a project including health, housing, transport, environment, communities, education, regeneration and economic development.

Details on how to apply are available in our Community Links Guide 2017-18. The criteria against which applications are marked can be viewed in our Criteria Document.

Applications for funding can be made by registering on our grant application portal.

Key dates for 2017/18 projects

1 July 2017  The second round of 2017-18 Community Links Programme opens
6 October 2017 First grant claim deadline for 2017-18 Community Links projects
23 February 2018

Second grant claim deadline for 2017-18 Community Links projects

March 2018

The second round of 2017-18 Community Links Programme closes

18 April 2018 Final grant claim deadline


2018/19 project application timeline

January 2018 Guidance and criteria for the 2018-19 Community Links Programme released
January 2018 Application portal for the 2018-19 Community Links Programme opens
February 2018 Application portal for the 2018-19 Community Links Programme closes
February - April 2018 Review of the 2018-19 Community Links Programme applications
April 2018 Funding decision for 2018-19 Community Links projects announced
April 2018 Application portal reopens for new applications 
March 2019 Application portal closes for 2018/19

Email our Community Links team on c[email protected] or phone 0131 346 1384

Community Links Projects 2017-18

Click here to view this map full screen. Hovering over a dot brings up a summary of each project. Full descriptions can be read by clicking on the dot.