Route 62

Route Details

  • From - To: Fleetwood - Selby
  • Distance: 210 miles
  • Terrain: A mixture of on road and traffic free cycling. Traffic-free sections include Fleetwood to Lytham St. Annes; Southport to Speke; Widnes to Altrincham (a few short on-road sections); Sale; Hadfield to Bentley (a small number of short sections of on-road)
  • Access: Various
  • National Cycle Network: National Route 62
  • Current closures /diversions on this route

Route Description 

The route is fully open and signed between Southport and Selby, and between Fleetwood and south Preston.  The route is described here from Fleetwood to Selby but is signed in both directions.

Route Sections

1. Fleetwood to Hutton (south of Preston)

The route follows the coast through Blackpool on traffic-free paths and then on-road to Lytham St Annes.

After Lytham, the route follows minor roads to the northern outskirts of Preston, continuing through Preston on a mixture of traffic-free paths and on-road sections.

2. Southport to Stockport

The route begins again at Southport and runs almost entirely traffic-free through Liverpool on mostly old railway lines to Runcorn.

Aside from the odd short on-road section - the longest of which is between Speke and Hale Bank to the south From Liverpool - the route from Southport to Altrincham is entirely traffic-free, continuing on canals and old railway lines between Runcorn and Altrincham.

Altrincham to Stockport is also predominantly traffic-free.

3. Stockport to Selby

Continuing from Stockport on a mixture of traffic-free and on-road routes, National Route 62 opens out from Hadfield onto a traffic-free path through the northern Peak District, heading up the Longdendale valley via the Longdendale Trail to Woodhead and on to Doncaster, almost entirely traffic-free.  

The route then continues to Selby on a mixture of traffic-free sections and minor roads.

National Route 65 will take you on to Hornsea as the western part of the Trans Pennine Trail, or you can follow National Route 65 north to York.

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National Route 62 connects Fleetwood on the Fylde region of Lancashire with Selby in North Yorkshire. It forms the west and central sections of The Trans Pennine Trail which is a long-distance path running from coast to coast across northern England.
Please Note: Diversions on route, see below