Route 53

Route Details

Distance: 16 miles
Type: On-road, traffic-free through Peterborough

Route Description

The route is open between Cotterstock and Peterborough travelling past Warmington. Leaving Cogtterstock the route takes you over the River Nene and through the historic village of Warmington. Warmington has a fantastic water mill which is now a retail showroom which is well worth a visit. You can also take a slight detour from Warmington across the flood plains to Fotheringhay, a historic medieval village where Mary, Queen of Scots was executed in 1587.

From here you travel to Haddon, crossing the A1before travelling into the residential area of Peterborough called Orton Waterville and past the Ortongate Shopping Centre.  The route then travels through the residential area of Woodston and into the centre of Peterborough.  Here the route links with Route 12 and also the Peterborogh Green Wheel route - a network of routes in and around the city created as part of a Millennium project.


Peterborough Council have produced a map of the city and its surrounds.

Things to see and do

  • River Nene
  • Warmington Mill
  • Ortongate Shopping Centre
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National Route 53 of the National Cycle Network will start at Peterborough and run west across the country, through Coventry to Birmingham. Much of the route is still awaiting development.