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The route is open and signed between Bath and Wilton, between Quidhampton and Romsey, and between North Baddesley and Eastleigh, with the two unopened sections being very short. Wiltshire Council and Sustrans are currently working on proposals to complete the unopened sections but there is no timescale for completion as yet

National Route 24 includes a section from Bath to Midford - which opened in April 2013 as the Bath Two Tunnels - which utilises the Combe Down Tunnel (at over a mile long its Europe's longest cycling tunnel). 

Sustrans and the local community are working in partnership to improve the National Route 24 between Great Elm and Frome. Our project is called Frome’s Missing Link, and we were successful in securing the funding to construct the first phase, from Welshmill, Frome to Whatcombe, which was opened in 2015.  The second phase, between Great Elm and Elliotts Lane, Hapsford, has been designed, and a planning application has been submitted, and the land permissions are in place. We are now seeking funding for the construction and working on developing the plans for future phases. To find out more, and pledge your support, or make a donation, visit

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The redevelopment of the old Radstock Station site will enable the temporary route for National Route 24 via Meadow View Radstock to be replaced with a new route through the development direct to the town centre.

There will still be a link to Meadow View when the development is finished. During construction the developers are obliged to keep a route open except when the safety of path users would be threatened, when short closures may occur. Please cooperate with the construction team during this period.

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Map shows the National Cycle Network and local routes in this area.

National Route 24 of the National Cycle Network runs from Bath through Radstock, Frome, Warminster and Salisbury to join with National Route 23 at Eastleigh in Hampshire. Route 24 includes the Colliers Way, which connects Dundas Aquaduct and Frome.
Please note: Diversion on route, see below

76 miles