Fairisle Child Friendly Streets Southampton

Pupils celebrating the proposed designs they helped co-create

Pupils celebrating the proposed designs they helped co-create

parents and residents looking at map plans

The event improved awareness for parents and was good for residents too

Pupils drawing designs onto the carriageway using chalk

Pupils had a really great time drawing the designs onto the carriageway using chalk

The Fairisle Schools in Southampton were affected by traffic and parking issues. In celebration of World Car Free Day, and for the first time, local residents, parents/carers, teachers and pupils all came together to discuss the issues and use the street in a different way. The feedback from everyone was enormously positive, about the project, and about the principles of the co-designs.


Fairisle Road is blighted by traffic and insensitive parking from the school run. There is regular conflict between residents and parents/carers, as parents park on residents’ driveways, block access for emergency vehicles, and park on footpaths and green spaces, in order to park close to the school gates.

Despite being a five minute walk away, use of the nearby Park & Stride is extremely low.

School-run congestion makes it difficult for children (and adults) to be seen when crossing the road to get to school, so parents are reluctant to let their children walk, cycle or scoot to school.

I think today has been great! Hopefully it will make parents think differently, and change their behaviour.

- Chantelle, parent at Fairisle Juniors


Sustrans worked with students, parents/carers and residents to collaboratively review issues and opportunities, co-designing interventions to make the street more child-friendly and improve air quality.

We then closed the street for an afternoon to test out the designs. We helped students recreate the designs for new crossings and activity trails, and used Sustrans street kit to test seating.

The event was a huge success and encouraged positive conversations between the school, parents/carers and residents.

The designs will be used by Southampton City Council, as and when funding becomes available for implementation.

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