Community Design Street Pockets, Bristol

Local residents enjoying the street pocket

By converting one or two parking spaces on a street our Street Pockets project has been helping residents to change their local streets into more vibrant public spaces, while also remind passing traffic that this is a place where people live and to slow down. 


To encourage residents to take the lead on creating better community spaces in what are often congested residential streets where space is at a premium.

The need to effectively promote the project to seek a number of applications from a variety of streets across Bristol.

Given people and groups naturally have varied skills and interests, to provide the necessary training and support to equip residents to succeed in what is a complex task to build local support and reach consensus for any changes.

Creating and installing the pockets was a fantastic way for neighbours of all ages from preschool to adults to work together on a positive project that enhances the look and feel of our street and makes it a calmer place to live in.

- Stonebridge Park resident


Sustrans’ developed an awareness raising campaign to seek prospective applicants through social media and neighbourhood forums. 

Streets were progressed according to local appetite and capacity to lead on activities, with a nominated Community Champion a vital requirement for this.

The use of the innovative Sustrans’ Street Kit provided a temporary solution to test resident’s aspirations.

The brightly coloured modular freestanding kit reclaimed parking spaces into places for people to enjoy, inspiring permanent changes realised by the project.

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