We work in partnership delivering award-winning and impactful projects that make it easier for people to walk and cycle.

Our work focusses on connecting people and places, transforming the school run and commute, and creating liveable neighbourhoods.

This helps deliver our vision of happier and healthier people, greener and better local environments, and stronger economies and communities.

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We're collaborating with seven cities in the UK to report on progress towards making cycling an attractive and everyday means of travel.

Bike Life is the biggest survey ever conducted on attitudes to cycling in the UK and shows attitudes to cycling are overwhelmingly positive.

We are working with the local community to help restore historic remnants along the tracks and celebrate the area’s social history through regular activities, storytelling and a trail.

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We are working with partners in four European countries to enable more people to cycle to work. The CHIPS project will develop and promote cycle highways as an effective and cost-efficient low carbon solution for commuting towards and from urban employment poles.

CHIPS seeks to demonstrate that, especially in combination with the growing number of e-bikes, cycle highway innovation can effectively get commuters out of their cars.

Skelton Bridge is a cycle and footbridge over the River Aire completed in 2017, providing a missing link in the cycle network on the east side of Leeds, extending the existing Wyke Beck Way, and part of the City’s core cycle network.

The One Path Initiative is an effective approach developed and piloted by Sustrans to tackle conflict on paths and promote positive actions and behaviour on all users.

Developed as an alternative to physical interventions, it focuses on behaviour change rather than regulations.

Woman on bike cycling a Quietway

Quietways are a network of cycle routes throughout London that form part of the vision to transform cycling in the capital. 

We manage and coordinate the Quietways Programme across the London Boroughs to deliver a city-wide network of routes to TfL’s specification, as well as providing design services and helping to develop future routes.

We also provide stakeholder engagement resources for boroughs where needed.

To find out more about the projects we have worked on, please contact us.