Air pollution goes critical

8 April 2015

Another severe episode of dangerous air pollution is occurring across the UK, with air pollution expected to hit 9 and above on the Government’s Daily Air Quality Index over Thursday and Friday.

This has caused the Mayor of London to issue his second HIGH air pollution warning since January this year, following the launch of his Breathe Better Together campaign.

This week’s pollution incident comes just days before the UK Supreme Court hears the case brought by ClientEarth against the Government for breaches of air pollution legal limits.

Philip Insall, Director of Health for Sustrans commented:

“The poor state of air pollution in Britain is both criminal and a national embarrassment.’

“We know that local air pollution is causing at least 29,000 premature deaths a year and we know that it is primarily due to emissions from motor traffic. It’s clear that we can only address this by reducing reliance on motor vehicles.’

“The next Government will need to get a grip on air pollution.  That will mean serious, dedicated investment and an effective programme of action to help more people out of their cars and choosing walking and cycling for short journeys. That won’t just mean fewer deaths from pollution – it will also tackle obesity and other diseases, climate emissions and congestion, benefiting our health and economy.”