9,400 deaths linked to air pollution in London, Government must act

15 July 2015

This morning the Mayor of London Boris Johnson announced from a new report that 9,400 premature deaths in London were caused by air pollution every year.

The report completed by Kings College London revealed that the number of deaths from air pollution is double the previous estimate.


Philip Insall, Sustrans Health Director commented:

“The evidence of damage caused by air pollution is so damning that the Government can't afford not to act, and act now.

“By reducing our reliance on motor vehicles and putting serious investment into walking and cycling we can slash pollution, and at the same time we will benefit from lower obesity, reduced traffic congestion and more pleasant urban environments.

“Recent legislation in the shape of the Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy demands that the government develops a plan to do just that. But it is really vital that the level of investment planned is high enough to achieve meaningful change and eliminate the air quality crisis at its source.”