Weymouth Active Travel maps.

Sustrans and Dorset County Council work together to design and create Active Travel maps for Weymouth.
The Challenge

Following the successful Olympic sailing events in Weymouth, Dorset County Council wanted to improve pedestrian way finding in the popular seaside town. Weymouth is relatively flat and compact, making it ideal for walking.

The Solution

Sustrans had worked with Dorset County Council on a range of Active Travel maps and was keen to provide attractive town centre maps. We designed and created large-scale maps for five monoliths in the town centre. This required a total of 10 maps as each monolith held two maps, with each map being “heads up” and pointing in the direction the user would be facing.

The Difference

The new maps provide Weymouth’s visitors with an easy way to navigate around the town on foot, making active travel possible.

Want to find out more?

Please get in touch to discuss any aspect of mapping services. [email protected] or telephone 0117 914 0494.