A traffic-free route along the coast between Hastings and Bexhill

An innovative new cycling and walking route has given local residents a safe and direct way to travel between the two towns
The challenge

The A259 road between Hastings and Bexhill carries over 32,000 vehicles each day. Local people making the daily commute between the two towns were often forced to drive rather than brave the roads by bike. There was a desperate need for a safer alternative for walking and cycling. Building in a coastal environment is difficult and the solution needed to be durable, environmentally sound and fit with the local landscape.

The solution

The project is a great example of several organisations working together in partnership for the benefit of the community. We hope it will encourage more people to travel on foot and by bike.

- Councillor Carl Maynard

We’ve created a stunning coastal path linking the two towns. The route runs alongside a railway line, linking two existing paths to complete a 5km traffic free route that offers fantastic seaside views along the way. An innovative construction method called Netpave was used along the shingle beach, which was easy to install and provided a flexible and robust platform. Most of the material used on the project came from the site, requiring no quarrying or transporting and ensuring a good economic and environmental solution.

The difference

The route was hugely anticipated by local residents and has seen thousands of people using it. A third of people using the route could have used a car for their journey instead. People living in Bexhill and Hastings have benefitted from the project with significant numbers using the route to get to work. The route has given people better access to the seafront and there has been an increase in people using it for leisure.

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