A scenic riverside route between Newport and Caerleon

New routes have made it easier to get around and has led to an increase in walking and cycling between Newport and Caerleon
The challenge

The towns of Caerleon and Newport are close together but travelling between them used to be difficult. The main road isn’t direct, making journeys unnecessarily long and the alternative Pillmawr Road is narrow, busy and hilly. Poor walking and cycling provision meant people tended to rely on their cars for everyday journeys.

The solution

The newly developed cycle route through Caerleon has made a real difference to our school family. Many more children now walk or cycle to school on this designated ‘safe route’. We are looking forward to seeing the new track being used more and more and are excited about becoming involved in the ‘Sustrans Wildlife Champion’ project in the years ahead.

- Mr O’Sullivan, Head Teacher at Endowed

Sustrans worked with partners to build a new seven mile route linking Newport and Caerleon. It connects university campuses, Newport railway station and provides a safe route to several schools. Building the route was challenging because it passed along the banks of the River Usk which has the second highest tidal range in the world. To ensure that the route didn’t flood during high tide, a boardwalk made of recycled material was built across the floodplain. The route was designed to be direct, flat and largely traffic-free.

The difference

The path has given commuters, shoppers and students a chance to build a pleasurable journey with scenic views into their everyday trips. Children have benefited hugely from a new railway crossing giving them a safe route to get to school. The route also provides tourists with easy access to Caerleon’s world famous Roman Amphitheatre and the rest of the area’s heritage.

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