A safe traffic-free walkers and cyclists route between Carlton le Moorland and Bassingham

Local demand led to a much needed and well used traffic-free route for walking and cycling that has transformed everyday travel
The challenge

Residents of Carlton le Moorland had campaigned for many years for a safe trafficfree path to Bassingham. The narrow road connecting the villages was unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists with fast traffic and a dangerous bend. The primary school, surgery and shops are in Bassingham and many residents have friends and family in both villages. As a result, most local residents made this journey by car, despite it being just over a mile.

The solution

The pathway makes a real difference to the lives of local people, providing children, their families and older people with an independent, safe means of moving on foot, by bicycle or mobility scooter between our two villages.

- Stan Underwood, Pathway Group chairman

Sustrans has worked with ’The Pathway Group’ to design a traffic free walking and cycling path that meets the needs of the community. The Pathway Group was set up specifically for the project with members drawn from both villages and has successfully bid for funding in its own right. The route is two metres wide, has an all-weather surface, and is suitable for use by pedestrians, cyclists, mobility scooter and wheelchair users and people with pushchairs. The pathway is mainly set behind a hedge, away from the road.

The difference

The route is incredibly popular and has encouraged many people who didn’t cycle to get on their bikes. The number of trips made has increased by almost 25% since 2010. The route passes Bassingham Primary School and has enabled more children to walk and cycle to school. It has given elderly residents the opportunity to get about on foot and by bike and the number of trips made by people over 65 has more than tripled.

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