Safe routes to school in Broxbourne

A new bridge and path over the busy A10 has linked St Mary’s School to Cedars Park and created a vital connection between Bury Green and Waltham Cross.
The challenge

The Borough of Broxbourne, in Hertfordshire, is on the edge of London with the M25 and the A10 passing through the area as well as the Lee Valley and a major railway line. The A10 has always been a major barrier for local people walking and cycling from one side of the borough to the other. The relocation of St Mary’s School to the southern edge of Bury Green created additional challenges, with over a third of pupils attending St Marys High School having to cross the A10 on their route to school.

The solution

Over a third of our schools population comes from the side of the road that is served by the footpath and bridge, so it has a big impact for us and I know that the parents and carers are very pleased that is it now in place. The bridge is a really important feature of our community. It has meant that our children can come to school safely and it allows more children to come and use these (St Marys School) facilities.

- Stephanie Benbow, Head Teacher, St Mary's School

Broxbourne Borough Council developed a proposal for a new bridge, in conjunction with Hertfordshire County Council and Sustrans, designed to link together communities east and west of the busy A10. The new network extends to St Mary’s School and Bury Green Road. The route was designed to provide a direct, convenient route to Waltham Cross town centre and nearby railway stations and amenities, giving all residents the same access to facilities.

The difference

23,000 people living within half a mile of the bridge and paths now have easy access to schools and other amenities on foot and by bike. St Mary’s High School directly benefits and over half of people using the route are children. Sustrans Schools Officer has encouraged more children to use the route by working directly within local schools to promote it. More people are cycling thanks to the route, with 1 in 10 people using it new to cycling.

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