A rural promenade between Nantwich and Crewe

Creating a traffic-free alternative to a busy main road has provided cyclists and walkers with a direct link between Nantwich and Crewe.
The challenge

Nantwich is a small market town where there has been substantial residential development recently. Just four miles away is the manufacturing town of Crewe, home to major employers such as Bentley, Leighton Hospital and Bombardier. However, the most direct route between the two towns was via the busy and dangerous A530 main road which meant that many Nantwich residents who travelled to Crewe for work or to use town’s amenities, did so by car.

The solution

We’ve definitely noticed a lot of people using the new route. Lot’s of people come in for a drink and tell us that they’ve walked all the way from Nantwich. They’re proud of themselves and keen to explore the next bit.

- Landlord of the Rising Sun Pub

The scheme developed a rural promenade through the open countryside, from the riverside walks in Nantwich to the historic and recently restored Queen’s Park in Crewe. This involved building a new four kilometrelong traffic-free path which is set back from the main road and which passes through residential areas, parks and open countryside.

The difference

The scheme has created a direct link for cyclists and pedestrians between Nantwich and Crewe. Nantwich residents can now cycle and walk to work in Crewe or to the town’s amenities, such as the railway station and hospital; and pupils in both towns have an easier journey to school. It also offers the 55,000 people living within a mile of the path access to parks, recreational areas and the countryside that lies between the two towns.

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