Revitalising a riverside path in Dartford

Residents now have a traffic free route into the city centre which also connects them with beautiful green spaces
The challenge

Cycling and walking around Dartford was difficult and people were forced to negotiate a number of busy roads including Bob Dunn Way, Princes Road and Mill Pond, as well as cross the River Darent. Cycling and walking routes were patchy and didn’t adequately link residential areas with local amenities and schools. The greenspaces of Dartford Central Park and Brooklands Lakes also had limited access to and from the town centre for pedestrians and cyclists.

The solution

These works are significant as they create better links both to and from the town centre to the fantastic Brooklands Lakes. The River Darent has been hidden from view for too long and these new pathways make it much easier to appreciate this hidden gem on a walk through to the lakes and the countryside beyond.

- Jeremy Kite, Leader of Dartford Borough Council

High quality improvements to the Darent Valley Path that follows the River Darent through Dartford and onto Sevenoaks. The scheme diverted the River Darent through one half of an existing twin bore tunnel to create a more direct pathway and new links along the path provide connections to the town centre, Dartford Central Park and the railway station. The scheme has also improved existing crossings and put in place new bridges to avoid problematic junctions and busy roads.

The difference

Darent Valley Path now provides direct connections to the railway station, giving commuters the opportunity to cycle rather than having to drive and pay for parking. For those cycling and walking for leisure the need to cross busy roads has been reduced, with many of the routestraffic free and directly connecting to greenspaces. Bridges over the River Darent are benefitting local schoolchildren, enabling them to make the journey to school on foot or by bike.

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